Using Bread Machine Mixes

You do not have to own a bread machine to enjoy the variety of bread machine mixes. And you do not have to block, square bars with holes in the background. You can make wonderful rolls, traditional sandwich loaves, and artisan breads, with or without the help of a bread machine. In this article, we'll tell how to convert any bread machine mix on large loaves by hand, with your stand-type mixer, or with your bread machine. First, we show you how tempting bread baking bread machine, without mixing in a bread machine. We will use our Sour Cream Onion Bread masses because we love this bread, onion so much (and we can enjoy when they went through this demonstration.) We like to do more than bake bread when so we'll use two mix and match.

(When we have more bread than we can use, the top slice and freeze.) We will mix these in a bowl instead of using our position-type mixer and bake in a pan and make one on a bun craft class just to demonstrate the versatility. To mix in a bowl, pour mixture into large bowl. Mix the yeast in warm water and add the mixture in the bowl. Add the melted butter. (Be careful to let the butter cool below 140 degrees so it will not kill yeast.) Stir with a spatula until the dough begins to stick. When you can not move comfortably ahead, dump the dough on a floured surface and begin kneading.