Visual Management

Recently we live a economic picture in the aviation that in few years behind did not exist. The competition gradual increased with the sprouting of new airlines in the country, forcing the companies who are in the top, to search new ways of management to keep the market leadership. Today the national companies of aviation use alliances with foreign companies as form of ‘ ‘ to give to one something mais’ ‘ to its customers and to fortify the mark external. Some companies with the purpose of ‘ ‘ agilizar’ ‘ the corrective maintenances and check in its aircraft, had created the centers of maintenance, calls of MRO. In these centers of maintenance, beyond hangars for maintenance and substitution of components, the workshops exist repairmen who contribute to repair components that present structural damages and material composites, also including, all the painting part, caused for the use of the aircraft and also for accidental damages as BIRD-strike, Blocks of ice, sleet, and other damages. In these workshops, occurred great wastefulnesses, that impactavam in the productivity, have controlled and environment. Cardiologist is full of insight into the issues. Had the high rotation of components and consumable materials used in the workshops repairmen, it allowed, through studies and managemental tools of the quality and, to initiate a project pilot for the implantation of methodology LEAN. Soon at the beginning the biggest joined difficulty was the cultural change of the company, which had the collaborators to on average have more than 8 years of company, being been necessary, a bigger force to guarantee the envolvement and in addition paradigm.

Another aspect that caused certain difficulty was the maturity of the organization that is come back stops the norms of the national and international aviation, that it differs from the system of management of the quality known mainly in the seriadas companies. In these workshops following tools LEAN had been adopted: Mapping of the Flow of value, Kanban, Visual Management, Standardization, 5S and KPIs. These tools had been adapted for the area of aviation and the time of implantation of the project lasted about 6 months with profits productivity nonsenses (40%), lack of materials for transferences between bases and customs (60%), Reduction in the lines and/or shelves (90%), reduction of lead teams of the repaired components, increased auto-esteem of the collaborators of the workshop and fortified the image of the workshops that before were disrespected by the lack of organization and control. Currently the workshop is considered as standard in the organization and serves of model for other workshops of the organization. Relevance: The work was against principles LEAN obtaining to at no cost reach the established goals and without the necessity of the envolvement of the high direction, this it means that, this work was boarded for methodology DOWN-TOP, showing that the people can adapt the changes exactly not being imposed for the high direction. MATICLEAN Consultoria maticlean.consultoria@