Weightlessness Flight

Through parabolic flight absolute weightlessness allows up to 30 seconds. There is something fascinating to fly around in total weightlessness. Videos and pictures from the international space station ISS or older space stations such as the Soviet Mir and Salyut or the American space station Skylab cause desire, himself once to fly around in complete weightlessness. This is possible, not only for the super rich of space tourists pay as that which ISS a foray into the Dennis Tito for over 25 million USD. People have always wanted to fly. Unfortunately, this is not possible without technical assistance. And some one has paid for a flight test with the life.

Exceptions, such as James Bond or the “Swiss it rocket” Yves Rossy need to withdraw still technical assistance. James Bond used a Bell Racketengurt to flee after he shot the Col. Bouvar in the intro of the film “Thunderball”. Yves Rossy can fly even loops in his own constructed wingsuit. The Swiss Rossy probably comes a bird today on the next flight.

Skydiver in free fall do not fly, they fall. But flying is possible – at least for a short period of time. It is now possible in a special parabolic aircraft experience weightlessness. According to Dr. Scott Atlas, who has experience with these questions. This specially reinforced constructed parable were the unattractive nickname “Puke bomber” aircraft designed to laboratory experiments under zero gravity conditions to simulate, as well as for astronaut training in Cosmonaut training in Russia and the United States, respectively. In Russia, the zero gravity flights in one take place specially reinforced IL-76 MDK, which the Russian space agency of Roskosmos and since the cooperation with ESA and NASA for training. Near Moscow, the place where the famous Cosmonaut Juri Gagarin lived held the flights in Star City. The Boeing 727 in the United States is not quite as big as the IL-76 MDK. So it has less space to the flying around in zero gravity. In the United States, even attraction of Moon and Mars attraction simulates the flight. How about zero-gravity flights? Flying weightless aircraft huge, long parables. Through a G meter, the pilot makes sure that exactly 0 zero g, so gravity, there is pronounced weightlessness on a plane. Initially, the plane by it flies down steep gains speed. Now, the pilot pulls up the nose, there is approximately double gravity on board, so 2 g. The zero G weightless aircraft enters a steep climb. Now, the pilot flies a long parable, after the vertex is covered is the plane in the descent, the aircraft falls back sharply at the end. Finally, the pilot catches the plane and starts height to win later to fly a more parabolic. 25-30 seconds total weightlessness is achieved per parabola – this is only a moment of course compared to what astronauts experience. But that is the only way to achieve weightlessness or microgravity.