Other tests of conversion from AVI to DVD programs expire after a limited period of time or a certain number of conversions. You expect something less useful than the version with a test shopping but not so little utility that you can even evaluate it. Some video conversion programs have no evaluation version. Try some of the standard features of AVI to DVD video editing. Most of the programs will place a timeline you open and drag the media files (movies, sound files, etc.) to the timeline, where you can gather parts to create your own movie. This video conversion program should let you cut elements, overcome them, fades and other transitions, adjust the sound levels and Add chapter marks so that you can jump directly to certain points of the film in the same way that you can do on a commercial DVD. Do you think putting some pictures inside the AVi movie you are going to convert to DVD? If so, keep in mind that this is a feature that does not have all the programs. It handles MPG and other common formats? If it does not, do not bother to evaluate it.

Only It runs on windows XP? Be careful: some programs do not run in your Windows 2000. Look at three things: ease of use, features and price. If a conversion from AVI to DVD program is complex and difficult that you’ll never learn to what to really produce anything useful, it is most inappropriate for you video-editing program. Anyone you choose must have at least the critical characteristics for your movie. If your intention is not to become an expert in the creation of films, you may not need many features. But if you can not fit gaskets all parts you need in your movie, you should find another video conversion program. And if you’ll never be able to master the video editing program, then is not the program right for you… If this is the first time that you try to convert an AVI into DVD, not spend much.