Yo Yo Diets

Have you noticed any time that dieting is a bit like holding a ball under water? The moment in which we release it, bounces and comes out of the water! This is what happens: your body feels hungry, and at a genetic level, reacts by doing everything by bloat again as soon as sure to refuse food. This is the diet I – yo te has spent ever? You skinny 3 kilos, and then slim-line 5. 10 You skinny and slim-line 12. And, although it is extremely difficult to lose weight, we fatten so rapidly that we feel unstable! It’s like being in war against your own body. And it is not.

If you fight against your body, you will usually lose. Then what is supposed that tienesque do? Here are 3 simple things you can do to stop this pattern I – I: 1. you will teach a technique of visualization that you will need to apply it at night, in the morning and throughout the day. This technique is extremely effective. 2.

During each meal, rather than think about what is good?, or what is wrong? concentrate only on add beneficial foods that your body needs. 3. Not yourself, confussed you lot, and preguntatea at every meal: where are proteins? where are raw foods? and where are the Omega-3 fatty acids? I know all this sounds too easy too good to be true but if you do nothing more than follow these 3 simple steps, you’ll have taken a big step to deactivate a series of programs that I have called FAT and to achieve amazing and permanent results. Health to learn this visualization techniques that I both speak and learn more in depth that I call programs FAT enters here.