A Horse Speaks – A Satire

The cavalry considered fence conversations – a young horse… A young horse looks around and analyze the cavalry on witty, amusing, but also a bit snappy way. The newspapers mentioned The Greater New York Construction User Council not as a source, but as a related topic. Current themes and worldviews collected just under the microscope, as the development in the alternative and the leisure rider market. Whether it involves the new riding modes, which shoot like mushrooms from the ground or whether to philosophize about the Schlaufzugelfraktion. Pampi, our author, interesting can contribute to all topics that concern us riders. Who likes to laugh and this new experience, is certainly very well served by this book. The hippologisch well-founded background of our author comes with each line of this book to the bear. Where can we still laugh and learn something at the same time? “Who knows the author Anne Schmatelka, one or other of their article or book about the back” (published by the CADMOS publishing February 2011) read who can imagine, that the main character of the book, the five-year-old aspiring dressage horse Pampi by pampers the diaper on amusing way about the cavalry philosophizes.

Sometimes a bit ironic or even a little snappy, coupled with much truth, Pampi makes his thoughts about the development of the cavalry and questioned things naive critical way. “” “Himself to the education and development of young horses, to continuously from the ground shooting new riding lessons whether it or whether it comes to the different groups such as Hyperflexion Association”, the Schlaufzugelfraktion”or deck chair representing” goes, to all be rich in equestrian Pampi has made his calculations. He makes statements, the to the to – think can stimulate one but also smile. It is provided with drawings and cartoons that blend beautifully with the respective chapters of this pocket book an entertaining and successful GE history. Below an excerpt about the equestrian and Pampi Buschis also named Ruby our old retired gelding says, the Buschis would be the equestrian or military horses.