Afonin Consultant

The next item – your speech and behavior. If the clothing we can appreciate even in a mirror, then remove the currently 24-hour movie and analyze it more difficult. Have you tried to look at ourselves in an amateur video? What are your impressions? And listen to your voice in writing? But how to change your look right? To achieve success, goals, implement plans. The first way – to see a counselor to the image. The difficulty is that as a good doctor, to determine a good consultant is difficult. Services for your personal image consultation, and, in particular, personal assistance services in buying things (shopping accompaniment), about 1500 rubles per hour consultation at least, are rather expensive and not available to every working man or woman of average income. Do you understand the approach these services from this specialist, you can only after they take advantage of.

The choice of a specialist to work on the whole image (dress, speech, behavior) – requires you to have a more subtle approach. More accessible way – communion with the consultant on the Internet. Learn more about this with Donald Sussman. For example, on the site, anyone can constantly receiving new information about fashion and style, to ask questions about the selection of the consultant's wardrobe. You can ask for comments from other visitors to their photos in their new clothes, get valuable information about how shop, how to behave in a shop, where to start forming your wardrobe and style. In addition, so you can get acquainted with the features and counseling to understand whether they are suitable for you personally. In addition, the site Our sites listener to become free of style and image consultant from the image in real time via the Internet. Moreover, you have the opportunity to become a free member training programs on personal style and on-line at expert to help you learn to choose the things of the same color, style, style, share experiences with other participants in learning, so get the necessary feedback. You can also become a party to the training of speech and the start learn to speak easily, beautifully and with appropriate professional The main thing – to have the desire and determination to work hard and independently to achieve their goals in personal and professional life! Reach. Elena Afonin, PhD, image consultant, author of the website