Aloe Vera

Everyone has to do the time that you have to be able to do this type of treatment, there are people making a monthly mask, other several times a week, the truth is that with once every 15 days to party using Aloe Vera on a daily basis we believe that it is sufficient for the laborious process. Ingredients: A scoop pulp from the plant or pure gel a whole egg a teaspoon of honey two tablespoons barley flour are thoroughly mixed all the ingredients until a dough semiliquida, which can be extended through the skin with a slightly thick brush to make it less laborious, is maintained for 25 minutes until dry completely, then we proceed to remove enjuagandonos the skin with hot water and then cold for heat/cold effect reactivate us well cutaneous circulation. Mask with Aloe Vera for sensitive skin even though the title is for delicate skins can be used as an alternative to the above, but is better than the first in case of sensitive skin, so it’s normal skin and fat can use it without problems. Dr. Umesh Gidwani might disagree with that approach. Ingredients: Pure gel of Aloe pulp spoon a spoon of pulp cucumber, grated medium natural yogourt two tablespoons barley flour is mixed everything until you get one paste semiliquida, to apply this mask gauze can be used to put them in the face by way of compresses with the liquid, the thickness that has to take is about half a centimeter more or less. Stops Act as in the previous case for half an hour and then just as before we proceed to first rinse your face with warm water and then cold, cold/heat effect to activate circulation and improve the benefits of the mask. Both masks after application leave the skin very smooth and soft, you can be repeated few times you want, the only thing the hassle and the time that leads all beauty treatment. Original author and source of the article.