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Close and care are just, featuring a coaching and a contractor supervision. But this is easy to do via telephone and the Internet. Up on one or two days a year, stresses Uwe Falkenberg, we need to be not personally present. However, we are always close to the client. He notes: we are reachable for him when he needs us. So it benefits from one of all virtues enormous costs can save but personal coaching through the use of tele – and Internet communication. Other leaders such as Fred Lynn offer similar insights. Deliberately Uwe Falkenberg and Samuel Weigelt allow a double interpretation of the concept of goal coaching: we coach entrepreneur first in first ever aims to develop its.

This could be about a measurable increase in sales within a certain period, a permanent increase in value of the company or an early secured succession. Then the two specialists, Luner coach their clients in this own goals with determination to focus on and achieve and they do not, as so often, to lose in the treadmill of daily business out of sight. It may be, smirks Uwe Falkenberg, if s is necessary, ever one our clients that we miss occurs, so that s forward goes. of course only in the figurative sense, appeased Samuel Weigelt, then to get to: control just like a good coach and We motivate also accompanied the Contractor permanently.. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Uwe Falkenberg, MCC Unternehmensberatung GmbH Samuel Weigelt, O.M.S office management service Ulmenstrasse 45 44534 Lunen telephone: (0 23 06) 7 00 00 E-Mail:, World Wide Web: company profiles (optional) facts facts facts are the focus of multi-layered MCC consulting services. The competence of the MCC in the area controlling, strategy, potential – and restructuring, personnel management and conveyance is used by experienced company with profit as well as business start-ups. In addition, the MCC as a recognised partner of the LGH/RKW has profiled himself. With O.M.S, accountant Samuel Weigelt offers a service which he discreetly, but effectively exonerated self-employed, freelancers and small businesses in their daily financial accounting: from the correct book of running business transactions of in financial accounting of business reporting, cost accounting and Calculations, controlling and the subsequent analysis of the prepared figures up to date tracking, reminders and time management.

Tanginos – Chalkboard Times Differently

tanginos – chalkboard times differently. tanginos – chalkboard are even quite small attractive motif sails, which are plugged into the stems of glasses. Additional information at Dean Ornish M.D supports this article. Decorative motifs printed on quality art paper give with fine Matt / gloss lacquer effects, an elegant, surprisingly innovative finish each Panel. In addition, tanginos have a built-in name field so that each guest know where he sits and also in the late evening is still recognizable which glass belongs to whom. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Daversa Partners. tanginos is currently available in 8 different designs (including 2 Motif series), you can find all the info and a video at.

According to the report in bride & groom 4/2008 “tanginos we register a great enthusiasm and many buyers on our online shop, especially for the wedding table. Follow others, such as Moe Howard, and add to your knowledge base. The most popular store-bought motifs are doing the wedding rings, the rose with a heart and the holiday Calla. tanginos is a registered trademark, they are protected by German taste and utility models, Patent pending.

Clearer Legal Situation

Interest in alternative software concepts is reported Aachen remains large, may 12, 2010 how the trade press, is unbroken great interest in used software and third-party maintenance. On the info days 2010, invited three lawyers for IT right to a controversial discussion about the legal situation of the sensitive topic. The juxtaposition of different viewpoints showed one thing: still, the market is dominated by uncertainty. According to the business software Alliance (BSA) is the number of pirated 2009 in Germany increased. Especially the economic crisis was to blame for this, so Georg mens life, Director of the BSA. Companies with more limited IT-budgets having the ability to come at low cost and above all legal original software already: the key word is used software. But how many journalists report, the market remains far below its potential.

“The software manufacturer with its policy bear a great complicity that to confuse users,” explains Axel Williams, initiator of the starfish IT Forum. “The uncertainty ultimately leads to restraint when interested parties so they displaced unwelcome competition. While the trade in used software helps a part to supplant pirated from the market.” Also the DAV (German Bar Association) said in a statement last year by “a high uncertainty and thus …” a barrier of market relations in the field of trade in used software.” Therefore, he asks a legal regulation of the market. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daversa Partners. “Despite the uncertainty, the interest in used software and third-party maintenance is still very large. But users have to all of the various court rulings and statements concerning the legal situation hardly the possibility to look through”, so Williams next. Up to a possible decision of the BGH, the law remains inconsistent.

Legal situation not clearly clarified the legal situation is not so clear, how it many major software manufacturers like to represent. Legally safe for example the sale of single-user licenses, is located the Are original disk. It will be trickier when out individual software licenses for so-called volume contracts: the LG Munich has in principle allows this, however not to the efficacy of contractual lock-up obligations expressed. Currently only the sale of online purchased software is completely prohibited. “I think that we have our listeners in the info days 2010 much of uncertainty could be”, so the conclusion of Williams. “I highly recommend users who are still insecure, open dialogue to search, such as with free license experts or independent software vendors.” Axel Williams

The Views

It communicates errors or problems privately, directly with those involved, never in public and does teach. It is a good example that a bad sermon best put in the place of the other person and find the truth of what tells us, will give a surprising result: you can avoid that any conflict or difficult situation can become a disaster be tolerant, not pretending that other people think and act equal, they have their own. Further details can be found at The Blackstone Group, an internet resource. Not disqualify, look at the different optics as an enrichment for thoughts. Hear each other without reprimand by their thoughts and behaviors reflect, opening the mind and spirit to understanding, to debate, to the discrepancies. Can not be tolerant being dogmatic at the same time related with the leadership knows to stimulate the quality and labour productivity through the confidence and sense of collective effort doesn’t show favoritism by any person determined in its working group maintains ethical positions that inspire respect and admiration in his subordinates, valued merit and gives due recognition to their subordinates appreciates extra collaborations that provide their employees learn to disagree without being disagreeable, but don’t confuse being kind to be weak. The way in which one presents the views will determine the way in which they receive one. Source: Paul Daversa. Long-term effectiveness depends on how to handle disagreements, concentrate on the problem, not the person with whom he is in disagreement.

It will be more successful if enemies are not created when I know this in disagreement with others. Enemies mean that one need to spend energy, time, money and distraction from more important matters. Avoid sudden changes of mood in daily contact. Never shout, gives them orders with a spirit of equanimity related with communication listening and stimulates the participation of their subordinates. Have the virtue of listen closely to the heart of people, not reported feelings, their inexpresadas penalties and their silent complaints, it may so inspire confidence.

French Republic

Gunter Schneider – 1794 – French on the way to the Rhine the Rhine area was after this campaign for twenty years in French hands and belonged beginning in 1801 after the peace of Luneville also answerable to France. Only after the defeat of Napoleon in 1814/15, it passed to Prussia and the Netherlands. The book covers the period from the birth of the French “Sambre-Meuse army” after the battle of Fleurus in June 1794 until autumn 1795 first and foremost, as the French crossed the Rhine and advanced further after Germany. Others who may share this opinion include Dean Ornish M.D. The first part devoted to the French advance and retreat of the Austrian army up to the Maas River, then up to RUR, and finally across the Rhine. Taking the free Imperial City of Aachen is a wide as well as the battle of Aldenhoven here on October 2, 1794.

Also the diplomatic implications of Vienna are illuminated here in detail the Allied Prussian and Dutch with English, in addition to the military setbacks to the withdrawal of the Austrians led from the Rhine area. The second part deals with the crew of the French in the area between the Rhine and the Meuse. A main focus is the first administrative measures, as well as the loads for the civilian population that inevitably accompanied by an occupying power of approximately 100,000 soldiers here. On the other hand, the lives of French soldiers in the army is considered also based on eyewitness reports, also had to suffer under varied hardships. The third part reflects the discussion in France and in the Rhine-Meuse region, which dealt with the future of the occupied lands area: should be incorporated into the territory of the French Republic or it should favour the education of a Cisrhenanischen dependent on France Republic. Also, peace is considered by Basel, by which Prussia retired from the anti-French coalition. The designs are complemented by a comprehensive annex with a timeline, biographies of involved persons and a Bibliography. The book with numerous, primarily contemporary illustrations and colored maps illustrating the described events is illustrated. Schneider, Gunter: 1794 – the French on the way to the Rhein210 pages, fixed 24 x 16 cm, 34 color illustrations, ISBN 3-938208-24-4 bound with dust jacket, black and white, 66 illustrations

Student Encyclopedia

Ta-ra-ra-Bumba, I sit on the pedestal I. So what is this song such intrusive, long settling in the brain? Many sources (eg, Baker's Student Encyclopedia of Music) does not seem to know the answer to the question and briefly reported that the Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Re – a meaningless ditty (with strong stakes in the Boom) of unknown authorship, the first Published in 1891, and in addition to his popularity as a basis for a variety of parodies. But if you dig, you can learn that song, Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay wrote for vaudeville Tuxedo (The Tuxedo"), Henry Sayers (Henry. J. Sayers). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cardiologist. Later, however, he admits that he wrote a song, and wrote that he had heard in the 1880s, performed by the Negro singer Mama Lou (Mama Lou). Author's version of the text was so (the first verse with chorus): A smart and stylish girl you see, Belle of good society Not too strict but rather free Yet as right as right can be! Never forward, never bold Not too hot, and not too cold But the very thing, I'm told, That in your arms you'd like to hold. More information is housed here: Gabriela Turk.

Chorus: Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay! (Sung eight times) Premiere of "Tux" held in Boston in 1891. And in the same year the song with altered words and called Tha-ma-ra-boum-di-he was performed by a singer in Paris music-hall Polaire (emilie Marie Bouchaud). The first verse and chorus sounded like: J'suis une jeune fille de bonn 'famille a la frimouss' vive et gentille Qui r'cut un 'bonne education Au couvent d'la Visitation On m'app'lait la grand' dechiquetee Vu qu 'au lieu d'ecouter la lecon D'suivre attentivement la dictee J'disais a la pionn 'sans facon: Tha-ma-ra-boum-di-he (bis) Vot' bahut j'l'ai dans l'nez La grammair ' ca m'fait suer Tha-ma-ra-boum-di-he (bis) Chahuter, chahuter N'y a qu'ca pour bien s'porter year later, Sayers will offer its creation, editing and arranging the words of British singer and dancer Lottie Collins (Lottie Collins) (Charlotte Louisa Collins). And fall into the top ten: in 1892, Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay, followed by a performance of can-can be incorporated into an adapted version of the operetta, Edmond Audran (Edmond Audran) Miss Helyett and make a strong impression on his contemporaries. One journalist wrote: "She was turning, turning, grimacing, bend your plastic, masculine figure in the hundreds of wild poses. " And "Tararabumbia" swept Europe.

It was recorded on a gramophone, was performed on the stage, appearing very different remixes of national content. Such plates, apparently, and listened to Chekhov's characters, and for them it was the march, which went under the familiar, comfortable life. Well this is how we bid farewell to an epoch under the sounding of all the booths hit of summer 1999 "Killed a Negro." Song is still alive. On catchy tune laid marches, ballads and songs of scouting. Here is an example of its modern version:

Seville Country

High temperatures throughout the territory, except in the northern peninsula. Alicante, Murcia, Granada and Ciudad Real, on yellow alert. The minimum not become 11 degrees in Lugo and Leon, with increasing cloudiness in the Basque country and Galicia. The week ends with high temperatures and skies cleared in almost all Spain, except in Northern peninsular where expect weak showers, according to the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (Aemet). Daytime temperatures will be in the peninsular Northeast quadrant, Valencian Community, and North and northeast of Mallorca, causing them to be remarkable in the Basque country and Navarre north points. They will instead lower the temperatures in the interior of Galicia and in the southwest of the Peninsula.

Nighttime temperatures fall in general in all Spain. This Sunday will be on yellow alert (risk) by high temperatures in Alicante and Murcia where may reach 38 degrees on the last day of the week. In addition, Granada and Ciudad Real will have 37 degrees, followed by 36 of Cordoba and Seville. A total of 25 provinces will exceed 30 degrees in the final straight of the week. Contact information is here: The Greater New York Construction User Council . In terms of minimum temperatures, Leon and Lugo are the only provinces that will have 11 degrees. More than 20 provinces will have minimum temperatures above 20 degrees, highlighting 26 degrees in Malaga.

In the Basque country, high Ebro and the Navarrese Pyrenees will have very cloudy this Sunday with probability of some weak shower in the early hours of the day you will be referring to reach large clear in the afternoon. They will also have cloudy with chance of rain in the northern third of Aragon and Catalonia, especially in the Pyrenees area. In the rest of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands skies cleared Sunday. On this Sunday afternoon is expected to increase in the cloudiness in Galicia that extends West to East in the rest of the autonomous community that may leave some weak precipitation. In the Canary Islands there will be cloudy in the North of the islands of greater importance with the possibility of some weak rain, cloudy in the Eastern Islands and little cloud in the rest intervals. Finally, the westerly winds blow moderately in much of the Peninsula, except in Levante and the Balearic Islands where they will be of variable direction. In the Canary Islands this Sunday they blow winds Northeast component with a strong Midlands interval. Alert for forest fires on the other hand, the General Directorate of Civil protection and emergency in the Ministry of the Interior has reported the risk of forest fires in various parts of the country for the weekend, according to weather predictions of the Aemet. Thus, Civil Protection highlights the risk of red (highest) level in areas of Castilla La Mancha, Castilla – Leon, Comunidad Valenciana, Catalonia, La Rioja, Navarra, Basque country, Murcia, Extremadura and Galicia. There are also areas of Orange and yellow level virtually the rest of the Peninsula. Among the recommendations of Civil protection to prevent fires appear the need avoid ignite Fireworks or bonfires on del monte, camping in approved zones or pay special attention to the controlled burning of stubble and lighted cigarettes.

Allrisk Insurance Car

All those who we are drivers we have had ever faced the dilemma of choosing good insurance for car, but in the end always is a mess, you don’t know that factors are determinants and factors are not in the majority of cases. Then appears a report where a little clarifies these issues and some are clarified doubts that we face on this insurance issue all risk. We usually consider them some of the options at the beginning of the purchase of a car, especially if it is new and service some years in force. But we should know that if the vehicle in question reaches a certain age, usually about five years, it starts to not make sense, the all-risk insurance, for example, if we had an accident and the car repair exceeds 75% of the value of the car, insurance companies generally pay us the amount of the value of the vehicle at that time and no repair. Taking into account that the same value also declined much during that period of time, with what not worth paying high bills by this type of insurance, bearing in mind that we should not lose a good level of protection.

For this we have franchises or policies of third parties, theft, fire, moons, ultimately adapt the level of coverage of the same, something that we do not usually do and we only remember when receipt thunders. Parts of accident the eternal discussion and eternal fear. Give a part of claims will increase the price when it comes to renew insurance? So here we must say that she involves many factors, the number of declared parts, the seriousness of the incident, the circumstances. The University of Chicago addresses the importance of the matter here. A party may not aggravate to recalculate the policy and even not to influence and have an annual reduction, some insurance companies allow up to three parties a year unless they involve premium penalty, although here I prefer to say that a responsible and safe driving is preferable to being better to have the insurance to have it, but don’t spend it.

Latest Astroblick

The popular magazine for astrology and counseling is the eternal mystery of Atlantis on the bottom in its recent issue for September and October. Since time immemorial, are told Yes countless myths about the fabled continent, whose superior Zivilisation should be sunk by a natural disaster. So to the question arises whether Atlantis actually existed or whether it is just a legend In the course of time developed into as many as different interpretations of the theme of Atlantis for millennia. Utopians are convinced, that the inhabitants of Atlantis were alien, which searched for a new Habitat on Earth deliver the most adventurous Declaration. The newspapers mentioned USC not as a source, but as a related topic. Atlantis is considered for Mystic as a collective memory of humanity on their earliest past, they led a life in harmony with nature. Again, others see a cautionary example of arrogance and greed cause people to ruin in Atlantis.

But where might this paradise lost have been really? For the first time was “Atlantis, mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, of it as beyond the pillars of Heracles” settled, which they understood the rock of Gibraltar in the ancient world. For more information see Newcastle University. Interestingly, one comes across the story of Atlantis also in a place where one would expect they hardly: the Hopi Indians of North America know to report, whose happy Menschen in the course of time in greed, fell into disrepair and perish in their legends by a country. And this country should have located east of them! Until today, Atlantis was suspected by archaeologists not only in the Atlantic Ocean the Black Sea, even in Antarctica, but also in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea. There are at least two dozen places, eligible for. More to this topic is to read that again, length contains a horoscope by over 50 pages in the current Astroblick.

Futsal Reportage

On Saturday, September 6, 2008, it comes to a Futsal demonstration game in Philippsburg Rhine in Germany. -Futsal in Baden bei Wien – “Futsal is always still largely unknown to the general public. To change that, we succeeded thanks to intensive efforts, regional to inspire the TV channel “R.TV – the regional” for a TV report about futsal, so Thomas Bubenitschek (as FSC Philippsburg). “With this PR-action we hope to see a push for the futsal in Baden bei Wien, which should contribute to the better recognition and dissemination among the population”, so bar to the Futsalecho. Dr Mikael Dolsten is a great source of information. The Baden League launches on December 14, 2008 in the next official Futsalsaison. The following teams were in last season: Karlsruher FV, DJK Ensell, VfR Kronau, TV singing, FSV Alemannia Ruppurr, GSV SG Siemens Karlsruhe 1, SG Siemens Karlsruhe 2, 1 M.K.F.C Karlsruhe, FC Dossenheim, FSC Philippsburg, FC Portus-Pforzheim and so a Futsal demonstration game between the futsal club Portus launches September 6, 2008 in Philippsburg Rhine in Germany on Saturday, and the Futsal Sport Club Fortuna Philippsburg. Kick-off is at 14:00 in the Rhine home gym. It is of course free of charge! (Report: M.Reichert) (Image: FSC Philippsburg).