You can often hear the words: "Breastfeeding is natural – why women in this help?". Of course, some mothers are lucky. They have no difficulty feeding their babies. But many women from the beginning required help – especially with the first-born, and if they are young. Many women need help to continue breast-feeding, especially if they work outside the home, or if the baby cries a lot. If you ask women why they throw to breastfeed, or why they start early complementary feeding, we get different answers, for example: "I do not have enough milk" or "child refuses to take the breast." Nevertheless, although the women of this and do not know yourself main reasons for their difficulties is not the case. In fact, women have no shortage of milk. Filed under: Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl. They may be a lack of awareness that their milk is quite enough to the child.

Sometimes the child is applied to the chest in the wrong position, and he can not properly capture the areola and throws his chest. Reasons behind their difficulties, the following: 1. Lack of support from close relatives of women. 2. Lack of awareness of the principles successful breastfeeding by health professionals.

3. Pressures of modern urban life. 1. Lack of support from women in intimate relationships with women in childbirth. In the old days around a young mother always were experienced women who can help her. It could be her own mother or a woman taking her birth, that is, a man whom she knew and who could trust.