Brigade Accident

With the "Volyn" in his pocket and a Kalashnikov assault rifle under sitting as a calculator for the final payment. Therefore, podstavlyalami, "working" on expensive cars, no one especially not bicker, meekly giving the required amount "for repairs" and leave from the accident scene, comforting thought: " could be worse." Trendy cars for the "bombing" of the major car markets are chosen from among the "stale", ie those who for whatever reason can not profitably sell. If you have read about Kevin P. Campbell, PhD already – you may have come to the same conclusion. These are cars that have problems with customs clearance, or had been in a serious accident, but repaired to perfect condition. Front of cars at the "brigade" may be a few – until one hastily repaired, while others "work" on the track. Determine the cars can also be substituted for a number of indirect evidence: it is thoroughly contaminated with numbers on a relatively clean machine, or lack thereof, non-Russian license plates, paper sheets "transit"; the presence of a car obvious traces of repair, damaged car body components, worn on the left front fender, etc. Cyrus Massoumi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Whole and undamaged cars almost never substituted. This is a very lucrative business. According to some data, Mercedes E-class (minimum $ 16,000) fully pays for itself in six months' work, and the driver can have up to $ 10,000 per month, on the other – only a day "podstavlyaly" earn up to $ 10,000. "Substituting Brigade" According to police, daily Moscow staged accident takes an average of about 10 professional groups, some of whom are attracted to their professional activities purchased by traffic police.