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University Medical Center

Fernando Alexis Jimenez do impression would be if one morning, after waking up and go to the mirror, he meets a face completely different to the one who has always had? Close your eyes and open them with the hope that has passed the sleepiness and wake up to reality. But it remains the same. It is there. The side that is facing you is not yours. He thought it? This imaginary scene will no longer be part of science fiction to become a reality in a short time. You become real, through a complex surgical technique, what was the plot of the movie Face Off (other side) Nicolas Cage and John Travolta starred in 1997. People such as Darcy Stacom would likely agree.

Do you remember it? In the film someone operates to have exactly the same appearance as his opponent, in order to destroy it. A group of Dutch Surgeons of the University Medical Center Utrecht considered viable procedure, especially for those who have suffered some degree of disfigurement. Research advances with the Louisville Medical Center conducted in 1999 the successful transplant of a hand to a man of 37 years. Specialists say there is little chance that the transplanted will resemble his donor, because the factions equal but bone structure determines them, they will have a new face the other side of the coin all human beings have two faces. That we show to the world, i.e. which can appreciate those around us. And true face, that we know.

He who does not change attitudes, gestures or dabble words. This is the image that is pleasing to God, not the mask of hypocrisy which we place ourselves every morning. Asked about who they are those who will always be in God’s presence, King David writes that it will go to your sanctuary that walk in integrity and does justice, and speak truth in his heart. Which do not slander with his tongue, nor hurt his neighbor supports reproach against his neighbour. (Psalms 15: 2, 3). The text presents four principles of practical Christian life that I invite you to take from today. First, the righteousness in his performances. Second, balance and justice as we do. Third, not slander. Fourth, do not act with hypocrisy nor schemed the evil of our neighbor. If you look at it, in essence requires that we removed the mask that it hides the true I and that we adopt transparency in what we think and do.

Watts Industries Germany GmbH

The Landau company presenting new product highlights ISH 2013. Landau, February 20, 2013 with its competence as the only supplier to the heat transfer independently to develop all components of a control system by the heat distribution and manufacture, is WATTS industries, particularly energy-efficient and powerful complete systems. The company on the ISH underpins this technical advantage 2013 with innovations for optimized climate and comfort through smart-home”solutions. Today the three-part isolation for pumps/mixers groups with high-efficiency pumps complies with future efficiency targets, the maximum efficient thermal insulation offers, not only demonstrably fulfils the requirements of the energy saving Regulation (EnEV), but meets the strict requirements of the European directive on ErP. Tests by the Fraunhofer Institute that impressively. WATTS thus ensures for planning security and a permanently reliable, energy-saving solution.

While the Thermal insulation consists usually of two halves form part of an EPP that fully covered all components, is WATTS on a three-part concept that separates the temperature-sensitive electronic components from hot, water-conducting elements. All temperature-sensitive components are omitted and the required ventilation ensures optimal special vents. Intelligent control technology enables the new home automation BT2 range an efficient and at the same time playing easier handling with energy”for one – and two-family houses. (A valuable related resource: site). All thermostatic heads can be controlled via a control panel with colour touch screen via radio. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Darcy Stacom by clicking through. Because of a network with bidirectional data exchange settings can be changed on each individual controller so, that they be taken over by the Central. Not only locally, but also by a control over mobile devices such as Smartphone, Tablet PC, or PC is possible via the Internet. As a further supplement an app is designed an operation outside of the own four walls is further simplified.

WATTS supported the smart home “-thoughts, because other radio-controlled devices such as smoke detectors, electric roller shutter, light or presence detectors can be incorporated into the system.” This technique is suitable not only for new buildings, but can be installed also in stock. Visit WATTS INDUSTRIES at the ISH 2013: we – in addition to these two highlights – all other innovations introduce, for example the development of the product family of the floor Distributor. Hall 10.1 booth C 15 about the Watts Industries Germany GmbH is Watts group a global corporate network of over 75 companies in Europe and overseas. Watts Industries is the European Division of Watts water technologies (United States) with more than 20 companies, over 2000 employees and more than 6000 products, which are sold worldwide. Watts Industries Germany GmbH, headquartered in Landau in the Palatinate is one of the leading manufacturers of products and components for Floor heating systems, boiler connection technology, Solarthermiesysteme, wood furnaces and heat pumps. Image material to the press release, see the following link: Watts Industries Germany contact: WATTS industries Germany GmbH Godramsteiner main road 167 76823 Landau P.o. box 1244, 76802 Landau Tel: + 49 63 41 96 56-0 fax: + 49 63 41 96 56-560

Posterisan Problems

People with hemorrhoid problems know med. well Dr Elisabeth Schoenenberg, pharmacist Juliane von Meding, the Deputy Chairman of the BVpta Bernadette Cacchione and psychologist Annette Diedrichs have committed to the goal, to make life just a little easier for people with Hamorrhoidal complaints. But who wants to help, need to know exactly what actually moves the person concerned. Experts wanted to know what really matter so the four experts launched a major survey action in February 2013 * 832 participants and which were amazingly well informed! About 95 percent of the respondents were sure that in the myth, a hemorrhoidal disease from lack of hygiene would result, so it is nothing. Many knew, as strong straining during a bowel movement, low-fiber diet or sedentary activity, and lack of exercise also about the actual causes of complaints. A common delusion is that sitting on hard or cold surface lead to hemorrhoidal discomfort, unfortunately. In the Suiting is quick, tangible effect asked by treating acute hemorrhoidal problems expect the respondents primarily noticeable relief and fast action.

Also alleviating itching and relief of pain are top of the wish list. Here, the drug Commission recommends the usage of local anaesthetischer agents such as lidocaine (for example in Posterisan acute with lidocaine suppository). Skin protection during the state very different is the expectation for more protracted problems: here is protection against a recurrence of complaints for the respondents most important what is not surprising against the background that about 42 percent of the respondents stated that complaints had occurred after the symptoms of Hamorrhoidalleidens regularly again. In addition to the change of in lifestyle, such as more exercise and fiber-rich diet, proper care is essential! Because the regular application of a complex of skin ointment containing jojoba and beeswax (such as Posterisan ) protect) can protect against a recurrence of the symptoms. Actively speak to the pharmacist at one point see the experts but urgent need to catch up: still many are shying away from, the theme to blurt at hemorrhoids for only 12 percent of those polled is the pharmacist in this matter contact no. 1! Bernadette Linnertz is a special concern to encourage all those concerned with reproduction: the problem not adjourn, but looking for the Pharmacy and a conversation with the people of you trust. For more information see Darcy Stacom, New York City. There’s more help than you think.” Blood in the stool is of urgent Council by Mrs Dr. Schoenenberg: be sure to consult a doctor. “Because when blood in the stool, possible serious illness must be excluded.” * 832 participants, of which 440 people involved currently even a hemorrhoidal disease.

Top Qualification

SRH Hochschule Heidelberg and STAS work the staff bottleneck contrary Reilingen with new contact studies ‘ STAS BI-designer’, November 05, 2012 March 2013 professionals for business intelligence to the certified STAS BI designers are trained at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg for the first time. The future graduates of the new certificate course will dominate ways and instruments to the implementation and optimization of business intelligence. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dean Ornish M.D has to say. A broad spectrum of activity that includes positions in consulting, controlling, quality management or the Organization opens up to them. The training for the new BI project methodology in the contact studies certified STAS BI-Designer”is carried out in close cooperation of STAS, the Institute for scientific training and staff development (IWP) the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg, as well as in the blended learning in cooperation with the Malik Management Centre St. Gallen and offers here a tailor-made training. The training of specialists in the combination of business and technical know-how is very time consuming, at the same time, there is a large staff shortages.

There must be just active”, STAS explains Managing Director Uwe Schulze of the current situation on the labour market. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Darcy Stacom on most websites. And Professor Dr. Michael Nagy, head of the IWP added: “cockpits are code-controlled the compass of modern enterprises, the STAS BI Designer creates excellent basics for this purpose”. The successful medium-sized provider of business analytics in Reilingen brought a completely new approach to the BI introduction on the market with the STAS BI Designer. Expert knowledge and experience gained from over 800 BI projects that have resulted in a unique configuration software and innovative approach are incorporated therein. First understand, then model and then safely realize this novel approach stands for 100 percent accurate BI implementation. The continuous BI-design process eliminates from typical hazards and risk factors, and guaranteed the completion in time, budget and quality. This know-how is an integral part of the new programme, so that the practical training of students is ensured.

Alcatel Fund

Interview of deputy general director of Welfare Services Compensation Fund Andrew Badalova 'expiring in 2010 was marked by the Welfare Services Compensation Fund for a number of important events. In early 2010, in Russia at the enterprises of the state corporation "Russian Technologies" started Trusted production of telecommunications equipment Alcatel-Lucent RT (an agreement on a joint venture was signed in November 2009). The results of cooperation between the companies were first presented at the international exhibition 'CSTB-2010'. The importance of cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent has been confirmed during the visit of Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Minister Igor Shchegolev in the U.S. Add to your understanding with Darcy Stacom. and development center Research Alcatel-Lucent's Silicon Valley in late June of this year. In addition, the 'CSTB' showcased the instruments developed in conjunction with other world leaders in the IT industry: the decision on information security for service providers and government organizations; two-way radio antennas and satellite antennas to receive satellite television. Welfare Services Compensation Fund also submitted its own innovative products and solutions: a comprehensive automated security system that allows you to combine the existing monitoring system to protect the lives and health, safety or urban personal property, prevent crime and terrorist acts; IP-encryptor 'Barrier' – the first native IP-encoder with high bandwidth. July 1, 2010 Welfare Services Compensation Fund signed an agreement with another world leader of the IT industry – the company "Integrati SpA SELEKS System" (part of the Italian industrial group "Finmeccanica", one of the world's largest manufacturers of products for the aerospace and defense industries). For even more analysis, hear from Matthew Halsall.

Asset Management

You know what the risks and know how to make money? Your work brings you good returns? Money must generate income. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Professor Roy Taylor has to say. Do you trust management? Thus, the trust – it is agreement, whereby Manager Insight Capital provides adoption of your assets (in this case, securities and money) to put them into all sorts of assets of the stock market and financial instruments. The main objective for this – to minimize risks and ensure maximum profitability. And as self-trust involves: – creating and managing a personal portfolio – the creation of individual accounts – can be dispose of their own capital at his own request – the formation of an investment strategy based on your requirements, we consider what are the advantages of asset management: a) The first is a personal approach that takes into account individual objectives, as well terms of investment. b) Constant monitoring of market risk control. If you have read about Darcy Stacom already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

c) Complete confidentiality of transactions d) Professional ethics e) Maintenance information, financial services, the ability to withdraw funds from operations management would like to point out that in the modern world, trust has become widespread. This agreement allows us to the absence of the required knowledge to become a participant in the market and receive regular income. And also it will help save you time and hassle. The strategy itself has recently formed asset management. When selecting a strategy fiduciary, it is important to remember the relationship between the risk-return that affect the distribution ratio between assets. Objects of trust management include: stocks, money, intended for investing in securities, bonds. Just the huge popularity of private banking – it is a private service individuals with large capital. Does not require a license to perform management activities securities, if the control is associated only with exercise, control of rights in securities.

Call Centre Opportunities

The main challenge for call-center (call center, call-center) is considered high quality processing of incoming calls. Quality treatment is not only receiving and processing all incoming calls, and especially in the economic crisis, it is necessary also be able to save on processing. Well, for example, the client should learn the news of the company or its address. In such cases, use of interactive voice response (answering machine, IVR). Answering machine (IVR) allows accept and process half of the calls without the call-center operators.

Much reduces the percentage of lost calls in the intelligent routing the call center. Analysis of the information in the initial stage of processing to redirect the call and connect the client with the appropriate specialist. This will save time waiting for the client and by eliminating many switching, enhance the positive effects of service call center. Obtaining complete information about the customer from the database along with a call to the screen call-center operator will reduce processing time and the call allow the operator to handle more calls. For example, the operator receives a number calling a person at the same time with the company name, the name of the head, name, contact name, scope and history of the settlement of these accounts.

In the case when all operators are busy call center, a large interactive effect will inform callers about the waiting time in queue. According to statistics, customers expect twice as long, if they get this information. In the absence of time, you can leave a message on answering machine with the opposite number to contact the call-center operators with a customer. Ability to communicate with the call-center operators, not only through phone. Communication customer via e-mail, a form of support on the web site of the company or ICQ client for cheaper long-distance (international) call. Such methods of communication with the operators of the call center will handle more requests without diverting and without waiting for a response call-center operator. Less important work to increase the number of calls handled is to optimize and monitor the operation of the call center: Detailed statistics allow managers and call-center supervisors to monitor illegal activities call-center operators in the mode of on-line. The presence of slices of statistics of call center for specific time intervals allows the complex to analyze and predict the quality of customer service and call center load. Knowing these parameters may make some adjustments to the call-center to increase the number of calls handled at a lower cost. Ability to record call call-center operator makes it easier to resolve conflict, and the possibility of a permanent record of conversations and screen operators – to identify and prevent further instances of poor service. With detailed statistics for each call-center operator can decide issues related to the account of working hours and corresponding adjustment of monetary payments to operators. Competent organization of working places of the call center and to minimize the routine operations performed by increasing their job satisfaction, increases the number of serviced calls and the company's revenues.

Internal Processes Production

“The goals must emerge from the analysis of opportunities and resources and not thoughts and cravings.” (Kotler) assert intentions and goals are achievable in the search for something of value to advance promising results, achievement, benefits, improvements, where the desired future situation is better than a purpose or white presente.Es desired and pursued by the entity aiming at a better situation. The goal is to quantification or qualification of the target. For example: to win 5% of the market, there is”growth target and the target of ‘5% ‘. The objectives are defined in the plan of intent, which is the result of planning in its first phase: the formulation, being that at this stage (design) defines the overall objectives of the company I / sectoral objectives. Setting objectives and targets involved in change, change involves the implementation of actions to promote the organization to a higher level. The choice of planning method that the organization chosen as being more efficient and effective is its strategic planning methodology. The second phase of planning is the implementation (making happen).

The BSC is a management methodology implementation. Darcy Stacom often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The scorecard (schedule chart below) prescribed four attributes (columns) to design and monitor the implementation, namely: 1. Objective – graphic scheme of what is intended (activity flow) 2. Mensuracao – definition of procedures for measuring the eventos.3. Goals – the quantification or qualification (s) objective (s). Initiatives – actions for achieving the objetivo.Siendo that this article will discuss the functions: Objectives and Metas.Lo (s) objective (s) defined in the formulation of planning objectives should be decompostos in children so that they can be implemented. The reactions of cause and effect are pursued in the methodology of a chain of actions aimed at learning the interests of owners, from by the improvement of internal processes for obtaining customer satisfaction.

In this way a) investments in learning improves the quality of services, b) improvement in quality results in customer satisfaction, c) satisfaction leads to customer loyalty and d) increased loyalty results in growth and achievement. In the scorecard illustrated below, the goal is to implement the conformity of the goods or services to obtain the reduction ‘cost’, thus, focus ‘line’ must act on the four perspectives of BSC (owners / shareholders, clients, processes and learning) so that it can be effective. Thus, a macro-goal is decomposto in minor objectives: a) Human capital (labor) should receive training to improve their performance and consequently, the quality of work. Also Aparelho and configure the infrastructures are. b) Internal Processes Production should be improved through techniques reengenharia or total quality, p, c) Customers: the improved quality reduces returns. d) Profitability: Return reduction translates into increased productivity and consequent increase in achievement. Through the chain of action and reaction (flow in the left column) the visually explicit scorecard objectives to be achieved under a macro lens.

King Sarduri

There is also hypothesis on the origin of the name hay Hurrito (horim, harri, hurri), etc. Not the best way is with the accepted worldwide name “Armenia” and “Armenians”. In scientific circles, the first unconditional and does not raise any doubts mention of Armenia is mentioned in ancient sources of rock inscriptions the Persian king Darius (522 years BC). Marquart pointed to a possible connection between Armenians referred to in the Iliad and the Arimo mentioned in the inscription of the Urartian king Menua name Urme. Later Urme identified, referred to in the inscription of King Sarduri, country Arme. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Pap Smear by clicking through.

With this identification expresses its consent to the vast majority of researchers. Others identify with Arme referred Hittite King Tudhalisom IV-th (pr.1250-1220 years BC) and the Akkadian king Naram-Sin (2236-2200 BC) the country Arman (Armand). The first known attempts to find an explanation for the name of Armenia belongs to Movses , which is associated with self-Armenian hay the name of the ancestor of haiku, in the same manner connects the name of Armenia with the name of one of his sons Aram. Sebeos associates this name is not with Aram, and with Armagnac. Some researchers link the name with the names of Armenia Urartu kings of Aram and Erimena. In turn, the Greek sources are connected to the name of one of the Argonauts Armenosom native city Armenion in Thessaly. Darmsteter, Bohart, De Cara and referring to the fact that referred to in the Assyrian translation replaced by Armina, shared the last two components of Ar and Mina, but if the relative Mina their views coincide, the relative Ar their views differ greatly from each other.

Your Diving Holiday In Malta

This article will give information on what to do in Malta and some of the best places for your diving experience. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Thomas Bayer and gain more knowledge.. a In March 2009, about 35 minutes. 000 readers of a magazine called “Diver” voted to dive destinations around the world. This year, the island of Malta ranks first as the best European destination for diving. 3 e placement in the world, second only to Egypt and the Maldives in the International category, the small island shown to have much to offer and no doubt deserves the award. In the words of the Malta Tourism Authority, “The waters around Malta and Gozo are blessed with rocky reefs, sea caves, marine life and wrecks of vessels of Malta’s rich maritime history – with such varied Dive concentrated around the small island nation that is no surprise that the islands have been honored with the award. Malta has a spectacular coastline with cliffs and beaches, below which you can find great arches, caves, tunnels and rock formations. Marfa or Cirkewwa, for example, are two good examples, where the diver can follow the natural contour underwater.

The Mediterranean Sea is made up of clear blue waters with little current and a large tidal marine life that contribute to a great diving experience. Maybe a big advantage here is the size of the island, which makes a party worth diving in the sense that you can cover most of the attractions within a few days as everything is nearby. Discovering a remains naufaragios while diving in Malta There is a series of wrecks located around the island.