Cedars Sinai Hospital

Yesterday a total crash and again a day later behind the wheel? One can not imagine that. Even Britney Spears hasn’t gone so far, although it has been reported. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Blimi Marcus and gain more knowledge.. However, X17online.com can disprove this rumor. You can even safely say that Britney is after its release (!) out of the hospital on their property in Beverly Hills. Yes, you read correctly. Britney Spears was released after yesterday’s collapse from the Cedars Sinai Hospital.

It is located at the time in their mansion in Beverly Hills. Of course she will be guarded around the clock, not only by this photographer agent but also by a lot. Everyone is probably waiting for a next disaster. They are even in front of Kevin Federline, although you will not assume that he will visit his ex-wife at home. They saw only the bodyguard of Kevin on the road today.

Also from the House of her family, they lurk, the perfect pictures. Britney is supplied with a police escort in the hospital it was reports that Britney Spears wants to withdraw some time out of the spotlight. We hope that you succeed in to rearrange their lives. She will recover well now and hope that your life comes back to a normal track, but that she must do a lot. We hope that you succeed.