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Or I have a link on my page with testimonials followed the target I want to accomplish with that visitor. "But I have no evidence, Diana!" I did not witness at first, but I began to order them and post them in my newsletter. Even if testimony concerning the quality of my newsletter, I began to accustom readers to send testimonials. Zabaleta Ana in, and Ana Cecilia Vera,, both my VIP Clients Private Coaching, this strategy used masterfully, allowing them build trust with readers and position them in the future toward the purchase of your products or services. University of Iowa College of Medicines opinions are not widely known. Builds confidence, sell later: that is the mantra.

And the last step … 3. Write words that sell The other secret to a website that sells is able to write words that sell. Sounds simple and it is. The secret is: * Write to one person. In this ideal customer you want to buy. Please visit Jonathan Friedland if you seek more information. * Use the word YOU often and reduce the word ME. * Speaking of benefits.

What the customer will get to hire you or buy. * Mastering the use of certificates. The most important part of any presentation. There's more to write words that sell, but, in short, write words that sell like selling in person, but through the written word. If you do not have art (we learn), I suggest you invest to learn it. It's that important! ADDITIONAL TIPS I'm being very generous in sharing strategies to help you in your coaching or consulting business. So enjoy these additional tips to make your band website. 🙂 * Use audio * video * Use pictures Use * Make alliances * Use a bulletin (the second step of my G & L system Easy Circle ) for your newsletter, I recommend. It is the one I use since 2006 and not change it for anything. The best on the market. Well … in my humble opinion. 🙂 That's all for now, my beloved coach or consultant. If you are having problems with your website or if you have one (which does not have one now, not IN, according to polls), implements these strategies. You will notice a drastic change in the results. For more clients, more money and more freedom! Diana Fontanez "The Coach of Coaches"