Commercial Website

Why do the shop even if there is a professional operator. Why do the shop itself, if there is a professional operator who operates the online store on your website for you. The operator doing the job, you earn. “i-shop-in-shop presents since a few days a new e-commerce solution – online-shop operator concept”. A vision with a very reasonable background behind. Every business with a sales floor between 35 m 2 and 400 m 2 has the problem, that every year the rent (land cost) rise, personnel costs are rising and at the same time reduced the margin. Under, the Salzburg Seminar-shop GmbH offers a new online shop service. On the homepage of a trade or commercial operation an online shop is set up assumes a range of services for the i-shop-in-shop: purchasing, product line design, shop data maintenance, billing, collection, checking of incoming payments and payment risk, telephone hotline for customer information (First level support only for products of the operator), telephone and E-Mail inquiries, examination and payment of the invoices, accounting, unwinding of payments, complaints, returns, shipment tracking, u.v.m.

You pay a small monthly fee and earned on the proceeds of the sales. The company on its website, the shop was set up ensures the influx of customers are those customers that today are already customers. If enough customers on the platform to buy a, you can offer then your own goods, where the entire trading range remains one. For manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, chain stores, franchise organizations, i-shop-in-shop offers an outsourcing service implemented such solutions for the customers of the wholesaler with the range of the wholesaler. In this way, the sales in the retail business without capital and bearing pressure can be increased massively. With these services, each company without much effort and risk can basically enter in the Internet business and learning and medium and long term build an additional source of income with much synergy to the stationary business.