When love, relationship, becomes irrational and us in keeping a relationship enfermiza, what do we do? Do endure up to not give more? Do support until the relationship fracture by itself? Or put aside to the amado? The relationship makes us suffer, not whether to wait for desenamorar is. The output is to break the link by choice. Change the affection by disaffection is not easy to achieve. Cannot delete a feeling by Decree. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of The Michael J. Fox Foundation on most websites. Who can override the emotion without pain, with only wanting is what? Let a person but it hurts us, we understand that it is not easy. But change your presencia pain for pain, healthy, its absence is more wise.

What would make an addict who wants drugs or an alcoholico that he wants to leave the drink: accurate determination, self-control and perseverance. What motivates that leave healthy? Love yourself / a. – I leave, because I have to do it, so broke the uncomfortable silence that had in the environment. Then added:-not because you don’t want to, but because you don’t agree me: I feel that this relationship me tight as a person; I feel that my potential may not be deployed; I feel that my humanity is altera. For this reason I will not wait desenamorar me to get away, I will do ahora despite the love that I feel for you. Apasionamiento, desire, the peace of possession, the appetite that inclines us toward someone, and deprives us of all logic, us not abandon in the transition of our breakup. How desenamorar is at will? In some cultures, men can separate from the woman with only hit the pecho and say three times consecutivas: I split it.

It’s that simple. But they do not say, nor can: I desenamoro you. Nobody has that quality or that power. What, then? The determination, self-control and perseverance will make that the first roots to a new situation throw. Then expect us to that time handle the details. Many times, the heart is not sensible; then, should help you with the cerebro. Passion is a necessary condition, to keep the relationship alive, but is not sufficient nor justifies a love that causes pain and suffering. It is worth clarifying that to say pain and suffering, it is not necessarily in the physical aspect, but internally; pain and suffering by not being able to walk course towards self-actualization. -I love you, but I leave you, I said. At first I didn’t understand it. By their tears, I sensed that he needed much strength of will to do so; that same force is what I needed now.