Determine Ovulation

For planning pregnancy, to identify violations in the female reproductive system, choosing the best method of contraception must be clear about the nature of the menstrual cycle a woman. And Ovulation is a key point of the menstrual cycle. The mature egg after ovulation is able to fertilize 2 days and sperm can fertilize it within 4 days after ejaculation. Thus, the total period of favorable days of conception is 6 days. To determine the most probable period of conception, various methods for determining ovulation. This assessment of the nature of crystallization of cervical mucus or crystallization saliva; measuring basal body temperature, ultrasound data, the study of hormone levels. During ovulation, the mucus contained in the canal of the cervix, after manipulation of its evaluation of crystallized with the formation of figure resembling fern leaves. However, the timing of ovulation through cervical mucus crystallization test requires daily visits to the gynecologist.

Change the picture of crystallization during ovulation also occur in saliva. The reliability test of crystallization of saliva to determine ovulation day is very high compared with other methods – 96% – 99%. To determine ovulation saliva used mini-microscopes, representing a compact and lightweight optical devices that are suitable for use in everyday circumstances and do not require visiting a doctor for evaluation. Thus, the use of different methods for determining ovulation gives opportunity to observe the nature of the menstrual cycle and select the most favorable time for conception. Using tests of determination of ovulation to prevent pregnancy, you can choose the most rational scheme of contraception, or simply delete the sexual activity in those days when conception is most likely. Applying the ovulation tests, you can also monitor the effectiveness of the treatment, aimed at correction of menstrual function. In addition, using simple tests based on an assessment of the crystallization of saliva, a woman can independently control their menstrual function.