Discovery Tour

…oder how to convert on the paths of the Vikings and can enjoy vacation in Denmark in recent years has become Denmark for German travellers looking for a popular holiday destination. Holiday homes in Denmark between rolling hills and flat plains, usually close to the shore of the numerous lakes, fjords and the sea. Not only the numerous small islands off the coasts of Denmark invite to relax in his vacation in almost untouched nature. Across the country, you can rent holiday homes direct from the owners, and is never far from the water. Holiday home rental Denmark, quite fast private accommodation is to break on a discovery tour of Denmark or to try on one of the beautiful fjords, for example, his fishing luck. These gentle hills and vast plains stretching to the sea, were the home of the Vikings. Today they fascinate the locals as well as travelers from near and far. Even today, Denmark the country is the Viking.

Many Danes engaged in the life of their Warrior ancestors so intense in many places to their hobby to the show. And so can visit the visitor in many places in the whole country Viking markets, festivals, museums and exhibitions. Even the culinary delights are in some places on the ancient customs and practices of the Vikings. And so for example in guest houses of the Vikings absorb not only the former atmosphere, you can enjoy many traditional dishes. In the modern Kingdom of Denmark, where many local cottages for rent, there are but even today places and squares, where the time available seems to have remained. Museums have become alive shows the everyday life of the Vikings. The visitor walks between men and women, which sit in simple clothes in front of a few tents and the typical Longhouse of the Viking settlement and go after their day jobs.