Family Of Perfumes

Perfumers and connoisseurs of fragrances tend to group perfumes in eight different families, according to the bouquet of each perfume and the notes in the same shades are included. Generally, a perfume lovers can find others in the same family of fragrances equally to their liking, which allowed to vary within a range of similar perfumes. The family of the Hesperides. It’s the citrus aromas, major components of the eau de toilettes and colonies, for daily use. Within this family can find a subfamily aromatic call, where citrus is influenced by other notes like tarragon, mint, Rosemary, or thyme. Cyprus. Born from the success of 1917 Coty Chypre, originates from this perfume a whole family of fragrances that tried to imitate him.

His spirit is composed of MOSS oak, patchouli and bergamot notes. There is no way to describe this kind of perfume. They have a personality that is imposed by its own weight and be distinguished easily. Floral. This family of fragrances is Perhaps of the most populous.

The floral notes give free rein to perfumers to create more diverse, from shades of green fragrances, up youth and light fragrances. By the same author: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Eastern. Amber is the note that distinguishes this group of perfumes. It gives warmth and sensuality without equal, nuanced by hints of vanilla, precious woods, and other floral species to compose perfumes that identify women, sensual and feminine. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jonathan Friedland. Aromatic family. This family is almost exclusively aimed at men. Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, thyme, right, and some citrus are they give the character manly to this branch of perfumes. Lasting fragrances, they refer to the forest and the sea, marking ends, as the personality of the man. The wood family. The warmth and dry notes moderated the heart of this family of perfumes. It can be spicy, musky or aquatic, like thus also aromatic, or reminiscent of Cyprus. Cedar, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood compose distinctive fragrances that leave their mark in the usa. ES difficult to find a perfume that has exclusively wood notes. Usually this olfactory family combines very well with the rest of the families, composing unforgettable perfumes, with spirit, with its own weight. We must try to discover which is the family that better identifies us, and find that special perfume that leave our footprints everywhere we go. Original author and source of the article