Futsal Reportage

On Saturday, September 6, 2008, it comes to a Futsal demonstration game in Philippsburg Rhine in Germany. -Futsal in Baden bei Wien – “Futsal is always still largely unknown to the general public. To change that, we succeeded thanks to intensive efforts, regional to inspire the TV channel “R.TV – the regional” for a TV report about futsal, so Thomas Bubenitschek (as FSC Philippsburg). “With this PR-action we hope to see a push for the futsal in Baden bei Wien, which should contribute to the better recognition and dissemination among the population”, so bar to the Futsalecho. Dr Mikael Dolsten is a great source of information. The Baden League launches on December 14, 2008 in the next official Futsalsaison. The following teams were in last season: Karlsruher FV, DJK Ensell, VfR Kronau, TV singing, FSV Alemannia Ruppurr, GSV SG Siemens Karlsruhe 1, SG Siemens Karlsruhe 2, 1 M.K.F.C Karlsruhe, FC Dossenheim, FSC Philippsburg, FC Portus-Pforzheim and so a Futsal demonstration game between the futsal club Portus launches September 6, 2008 in Philippsburg Rhine in Germany on Saturday, and the Futsal Sport Club Fortuna Philippsburg. Kick-off is at 14:00 in the Rhine home gym. It is of course free of charge! (Report: M.Reichert) (Image: FSC Philippsburg).