Gastric Band

Through this surgery you can make in an incredibly short time and in a very safe way to lose weight. The gastric band consists of putting a band that separates the stomach, reducing the size of the stomach that performed the functions of digestion and more. This process is done through laparoscopy, which brings many advantages. Laparoscopy for gastric banding offers many advantages, the most important is that it reduces the risks than open surgery, besides the scar is almost invisible. It enjoys the benefits of losing weight in a fast and safe way without the risks of surgery. Obesity is more than an aesthetic problem. Statistics indicate that 70 percent of Mexicans have obesity and more than half dies from one of the side effects that this causes, such as heart attacks, circulatory, hepatic, diseases among others. Good nutrition is essential in a good style of life, but once the body has adapted to poor diet lose weight with one diet or exercise is impossible, expensive and long. Don’t let that obesity will become a serious problem, ask your doctor about the gastric band and consider it as the best option to lose weight and regain all the time that tiredness and those extra pounds have not left you enjoy.