Gerry Weber City Hall

Point of contact for SMEs will give competent answers on current issues in the east Westphalian companies. (Werther) After Gelsenkirchen, CONWORKS is bundling its know-how in the future also in East Westphalia in a competence center subscriptions. The site Werther located in the District of Gutersloh, may take for themselves, strategically as well interesting to be located, like its counterpart in the middle of the Ruhr area. In the East in the University City of Bielefeld, adjacent, as well as in the South at the Gerry Weber City Hall, dominated it in the North via Spenge in the District of Herford approach and in the Northwest in Melle, which is located in the District of Osnabruck, in Lower Saxony, Germany. Although Werther is a town with a population of only around 11,500, but her name worldwide reputation stands for.

Werther’s original (formerly Werther’s Echte’) is a brand of caramel candies, which already made famous by August Oberwelland in 1903 with the Werther’schen sugar factory beyond the borders of the Empire. Whether, however, many citizens of this city is the motto of Johann Wolfgang “by Goethe’s include epistolary novel the sorrows of Young Werther” made their own, is not known. “However, it must be noted that under the leadership of Alexander fillers just here turns up a team of experts, that quite as Werther’s Echte” compete can the entrepreneur coaching for medium-sized companies. Whether it comes to start-ups, reorganizations, or the topic of succession now, finance or controlling, procurement, logistics, staff development and training, sales and strategy development, competitive analysis and research, or simply to PR, media and communications consulting the competence center combines competent consulting approaches under one roof. Dipl.-ing. Alexander fillers and his comrades, the automotive expert Michael Menting, the economists Bernd Bockholt, Jens Kellner and Bernd Schluter, the Economist Jurgen Hahn-Barth and the social host Holger W. .