HDMI Cable – The Rip Off

As the money out of your Pocket will be ignorant customers if you run in a normal electric shop to get some accessories for your own home theater, also the selection of the correct cable falls. While there were large differences in quality between different cable types earlier in the analog age, they are still hardly to notice. The reason is the difference in the transmission. Like a certain energy, as an example is transferred once 400 Watts. Here, if the signal on its way from the sender to the receiver is affected, so you can see that both the image and the sound. However only a small digital signal is transmitted when transferring digital (HDMI, DVI) which consists of the information on or off is. There is no in-between, no interpretation facilities. Dean Ornish M.D contributes greatly to this topic. This a quality difference is ever closed, at least in relation to human perception.

Metrological point of view, very very minor differences are measurable, which however does not justify a high price. What can happen: the signal might not arrive under certain circumstances. This case is easy to discover, the screen will remain black or individual lines will be. This is rather the exception, most cables with lengths under 3 meters are absolutely compatible. It is now however in the nearest shop to buy one of these cables, so you can see prices beyond the 50 at. Here, one can speak of bad tactics on HDMI cables. The reason for this is found quickly: the margins for these cables are significantly higher than the margins for an XBox, for example, or sometimes even of televisions.

Most of the dealers come with exciting reasons why you should buy a more expensive cable, which is ultimately no better than a cheap. Yet there are factors that should be considered? Yes, depending on the cable length, a slightly higher price is justified, because from 10 meters in length, some cables have the problem, the signal to carry far enough.