Heating Oil

Like a fever curve, the crude oil prices showed LEIPZIG today. (Ceto) Like a fever curve, the crude oil prices showed today. Significantly down in morning trading, then gently up to again crash to rise again significantly in the afternoon. The uncertainty of investors finds its counterpart in the course of the quotes. The swings up and down had it in: North Sea oil (Brent) fell in the meantime on the 100-U.S.-dollar mark per barrel, to climb in the afternoon again at over 104 dollars. US light oil (WTI) started at $78,50 and is currently, after some ups and downs for 81,30 dollars traded. Trend in both crude oil locations currently: zigzag. Realism should hot commodity investors as their German counterparts in the Financials because even the order of the day.

You saved the DAX Exchange, whose crashing to 5,600 points had no equivalent in the economic situation during the course of the day. Also the assessment of OPEC, that is needed at the end of the year but not so much oil as originally Suppose that fits into the realistic world view. The reasons for this are mainly in the United States, where consumers significantly more economical deal with petroleum products, as well as in China, which admits no longer quite so glamorous economic data. The local heating oil prices are further based on the losses and eased again strong now 7 day in a row. Pro 100-litre game of a total supply of 3,000 litres HEL this decreased the deepest value 1.26 euros to 79,29 euros since the end of June. Please visit the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review here the complete article including an assessment of the monthly average rates in early 2011 and many more information about the energy market.