Her Skirt Lost Katherine Heigl

The actress is down almost naked celebrities are people too. One must note that here once clearly and how normal people also mishaps happen to them. It took seriously not so as now for example Katherine Heigl – but the actress. Finally, it was also for her new movie. The Grey’s Anatomy star is just in the shooting of her new movie the ugly truth with “300” actor and “P.s. I love you”Star Gerard Butler. Yesterday, the script provides a very interesting incident. Heigl was spotted only with underwear.

Everything of course for a successful scene. Reason should be supposed, that the script does the following: apparently its role to go eat after a busy day with a man. In “On reunion”, say, to hook up her skirt in the door. We all see the result before us. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Daryl Katz. on the discussion. When driving off he tears away the rock you and Katherine is almost blank there. We look forward to the movie.