Interactive Life

If there is no family there is no way in which the person is fully developed either: if I do not interact, do not I exist as a person, I was not me as a full human being. In this sense, we can say that: family is the vehicle privileged for the transmission of social and cultural values that help the person to acquire his own identity. Founded in love and open to the gift of life, the family carries with it the same future of society; its very special role is the effectively contribute to a future of peace. Also, recall that the family founded on marriage freely contracted, one and indivisible, necessary and should also be considered as the first and natural seed of human society. Click muscular dystrophy to learn more. Whereof born duty to respond with utmost diligence both in the economic and social aspect and the cultural and ethical sphere. Here, shows the need for the State to protect the family: it is not only the first and vital cell of society, is also the interactive Center of human relationships in which, the man known to the world and asserts therein; Learn how to relate, obey, love, laugh, cry and develop in its natural environment. Also, consider that the value of family life is key piece in the spiritual life of man. It should not be forgotten, that are born the values of the human person, only under these values among family members experiencing family love will be the quality of life that the person carries. This, may get it family, firstly, through mutual love of the spouses, called a Union with total and full life for the natural meaning of the marriage; You can get it, moreover, through proper compliance with the educational task, which obliges parents to educate children in the respect of the dignity of each person and the values of peace.