International Press

Part of the foreign press believes that protests will inspire Arab revolts and compared the demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir square. Mobilizations to claim a political and social change in Spain who these days lives across Spain have returned to skip one day more to the front pages of the international press. The American newspaper The Washington Post takes this Thursday its cover concentration convened Wednesday in the center of Madrid. In particular, the newspaper devoted four columns to a panoramic photograph of the door of the Sun packed demonstrators and accompanied by the holder of a springtime of frustration in Spain. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta takes a slightly different approach. The demonstrators filled the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, protesting against the management of the Spanish economy – including the highest rate of unemployment in the European Union and the Government cuts.

Concentrations began during the weekend and people has promised to deal with the central squares in many cities until the local elections this weekend, explained the American Rotary textodel. The digital edition of the newspaper also devotes space to the concentration on Wednesday under the title Spanish Revolution: hundreds of people are concentrated in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. The newspaper says that in the center of the capital they congregated around 10,000 people to demand jobs, economic equality and real democracy in the fourth day of protests that mimic the riots in the Middle East. The news has a prominent place in the top bar of the website which highlights the day’s main news. The New York Times also picks up the protest of the Puerta del Sol, indicating that thousands of people claiming to be ignored by the political class were concentrated in a central Madrid square to demand reforms, despite the attempt of the electoral authorities to impose the ban as Spain prepares to vote in the local elections of this weekend weekend.