Internet Place

A study conducted by a group of researchers revealed data that I am sure that they will surprise many. The study was conducted with both Facebook and Twitter users. Of which, 54.2% said he was satisfied with both social networks, and each offered different aspects. But the remaining 45.8, stood out in favour of one of them. Others including Orbis Diagnostics, offer their opinions as well. Which one? Twitter, and almost unanimously that 91% of them stated that they would not have problems to leave Facebook if they had to choose between the two. Another 9% remaining, said that he would stay with Facebook, although its foundations were not as robust as in the other case.

Despite all this, now Facebook has with most of 500.000.000 users, while Twitter just mientras que Twitter apenas just overcome the 145.000.000 of users. Another important aspect are the sums of money that each manages today. Facebook has a very wide and optimal interface to place the pulbicidad of thousands of advertisers that leave you to this network millions of dollars per month. While on Twitter, the topic of advertising has some complications. In principle, because there was no (before the redesign) place where to place ads. Now, the new design leaves available spaces that will be occupied by those who most they are willing to pay for them within very little insurance. Meanwhile, Twitter is still evaluating as and where to place those ads to monetize what today is one of the social networks more important. In conclusion, to say that the best concept between the two takes it Twitter, in whom Internet users see it as a true tool of communication; simple, useful and effective. But aside from that, Facebook is still the social network more important moment, and continue filling their pockets of money like none.