Laws Subject To Posting 2012 – GWI Has Just Published New Edition

Law collection has been updated and expanded also for the upcoming year 2012 the GWI has the Aushangpflichtigen revised laws in the form of practical book society for management information GmbH & co. OHG and on the legally up-to-date. The background is that the legislators in many laws makes the default, that certain legal requirements must be made accessible staff, so that they are always up-to-date and easily can inform about important regulations in the employment and protection of workers. Unfortunately, there is no catalog lists these laws subject to the notice. Additional information at Preeti Bakrania supports this article. Therefore the GWI publishing all these laws grouped together in a single volume, which is equipped with a practical cord, make possible a posting on the Bulletin Board of the companies. Also, a PDF version is offered so that the statutory provisions on the intranet of the employees can be seen. Changes in the regulation of maternity protection and the Federal parental benefits and parents time Act were taken into account for the year 2012. Thus this complete collection of law covers now 21 laws of A general equal treatment act as part-time fixed-term law.

An employer can thus fulfil your duty and avoid penalty payments of up to EUR 2,500, who can impose the labour inspectorate or professional associations, if not complied with the notice requirement.