Make Your Pond

Galabau Fritz from Hamburg informed its customers the bitterly cold winter time is almost upon us. It’s time for pond owners to prepare the pond for the winter. The experts at Galabau Fritz from Hamburg know what you should consider when securing your garden pond. Keep the pond many pond owners commit before the winter time a result serious mistake by left leaves floating in the garden pond and other plant parts. These plant parts release toxic substances and gases in their decay process, which can be quickly doomed the creatures in the pond.

So necessarily remove all branches, leaves and dead plants from her garden pond. Best use of a commercially available remove is suitable for this. Should your pond be especially large or old, you should remove about a third of the sediment with a mud cleaner. Make sure that your mud cleaner is equipped with a separate function. Thus the cleaner may be creatures, with the mud of the Be soaked in dregs, separate from the mud. This can insert again without prejudice to the sucked creatures in your garden pond. If you have on Hardy pond plants, such as commonly and most types of water lilies in your garden pond, you should leave them even in winter there.

The plants supply the water with supplemental oxygen, which can save the life of your pond inhabitants. Is your pond deep enough? As the pond owner, you should check if your pond has a depth of at least one meter before the beginning of winter. This is the case, so you can overwinter your pond fish in the pond. Should the minimum depth of one metre but not be available, you should further excavate the pond. Only if your pond has the necessary depth, your fish even with layers of ice on the surface can survive. To avoid thick ice layers, you can give multiple rubber balls into the pond. These prevent a nationwide freezing of the water surface or they hesitate at least. For the feeding of your pond inhabitants, you should reduce the feeding on two to three times a week at temperatures of around 12 C. Should fall temperatures already below 10 C, you can fully adjust the feeding mostly, or carry out sporadic feedings. Most of the fish already fall into winter sleep and get some months long off without any food. You like to receive more tips and advice on how you can prepare your garden pond on the frosty winter, Gala building Fritz from Hamburg. Press contact Galabau Fritz contact: Martin Fritz Rothmoorstieg 5A 22459 Hamburg Tel.: 040.5 58 39 89 fax.: 040.55 98 36 20 website: E-Mail: