Malie 7-zone Cold Foam Mattress: Properties Of A Good Mattress

What should I consider when buying a mattress? -The malie explains an example 7-zone cold foam mattress when you consider that a person on average 1/3 of his life sleeping, then you should ensure in any case that it lies comfortably. Still more and more people suffer from in Germany back pain and insomnia, what often comes from a broken or inappropriate sleeping mat. There are thousands of different mattresses, with the most diverse properties to buy on the market now. Cold foam mattress, viscoelastic mattress or but LTeX mattress? What makes a good orthopaedic mattress these days? These and many other questions we must ask ourselves when buying a mattress. I would imagine the malie 7-zone cold foam mattress in the following text, and show their properties, on what to look for a mattress purchase.

The mattress core: The core is indicative of the mattress orthopedic processing. The malie hotel has 7-zone cold foam mattress, as the name implies, a 7-zone core. This means that they in seven zones of lying is divided. Each deck zone supports a different part of the body. So there is a sunbathing area for head, torso, buttocks, feet, etc. This system ensures that the pressure is optimally distributed to allow such a healthy sleep. The volumetric weight: The volumetric weight of a mattress core indicates how much kg 1 m weighs foam in the mattress.

The mattress has an unusually low for their conditions volumetric weight, one can assume that material was saved, which naturally limits the life of the mattress. A cold foam mattress has a rather low density compared to a Visco – or latex mattress and can be transported so logically easier. With a density of 40, the malie 7-zone cold foam mattress is about average. Quality of the foam: as presented at this mattress, a porous foam structure should be used. So, a good ventilation and an excellent moisture transport is possible. Learn more at: Jack Monroe. Point elasticity and form stability: y which draws Malie mattress composed by a high point elasticity and dimensional stability. Due to the elasticity, the spine of the sleeping person is supported optimally and ensures an excellent comfort. The dimensional stability guarantees that the mattress is firm and no pits form. Reference: also the mattress in order must be of course. The 7 zones of cold foam mattress by Malie has a Terry cloth cover with a high-quality brand hollow fiber, you can take off easily due to an all-round zip and can wash up to 60 c.