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For 15 years, "Company 11 7" is a leader in the design of the heating system "warm floor". You may want to visit Dean Ornish M.D to increase your knowledge. We were among the first who suggested the use of floor heating, as a unified system of space heating. "Company 11 7" developed a flow chart of the district heating of buildings, when the opposite line with a return coolant-temperature water systems connected to the heating and ventilation. This technical solution protected by Russian patents and the Eurasian Patent society. To support their inventions with the general implementation developed a system of interrelated engineering solutions non-technical and technological secrets of (the package know-how). Know-how number 1: Method and program for calculating the hydraulic resistance of the circuit of the heating system "warm floor" is designed to perform calculations for the design of the heating system "warm floor". Scope – heating of buildings and structures for various purposes. The program allows you to perform calculations of hydraulic, thermal and other parameters, the local low-temperature heating circuit heating systems, as separate facilities, and group facilities. Programming language: VBA (visual basic) Microsoft Excel.