So there we must look at the level of wealth of his patients. Of course, large clinics can exhibit sky-high prices. Insurance companies will still supply them with clients, as many wealthy people today. rd Jr. Alas, a small but independent of the dental office can not afford. The price of not only the cost of filling, and other materials used, but all sorts of manipulations, which is doing the tooth doctor.

Seal itself may be cheap. odney atkins will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, together with the work of the average price in Moscow is 1500 rub. If we are talking about a complex treatment with the cleaning and Sealing root canals, the cost reaches 3000 rubles. Current expenditure Once your office is "roll out" and begin to operate stably, immediately shows the current costs. Try to identify some of what you have to spend money on a monthly basis in addition to staff salaries and fees for room rental. Please note that each month to replenish supplies. This sealing compounds, disposable hygiene products (aprons, shoe covers, cups, antiseptic), and other components. Consumables per month leaves about 25-30% of the earned.

Where is it taken? In Moscow There are lots of shops selling dental preparations. You can see them twice a year at trade shows. They sell everything you might need a dentist. And Prices have almost all the same. You can, incidentally, all ordered on the internet. Almost every major vendor of dental equipment and materials have their email addresses. Regular customers fairly write a letter back and wait for the goods, as many firms themselves carry out deliveries.