Neurodermatitis Overweight

In particular for the future generations…Heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, arthralgia, pain, inexplicable sustained unrest or fatigue are to understand how for example the innate, accident or pathogenic bacteria-induced physical damage as well as many other symptoms usually not as the classic diseases. But they are entirely preventable due to a (mostly unconscious) overextended metabolism and the negative influence also associated the so-called autonomic nervous system. From the economic constraints and dependencies of our now globalized market economy, a veritable \”nutrition chaos\” has evolved from the basis of our existence – namely the nutrition -. The result is that the diversity of the food incredibly increased in the last five decades alone more often leads to an unconscious overload of metabolic organs. The reason for this lies in gradual forgetting of a just today indispensable knowledge.

In addition fades not only awareness of the once natural processes of extremely long development history of the people, but against this background a consciousness to exist didn’t seem for our nearly unchanged since ‘Adam and Eve’ metabolism! The organs responsible for the metabolism have to deal not only with a constantly intense flood of chemically modified natural materials as well as purely synthetic additives – substances that our metabolism is never asked – but due to their now throughout the year more than amply the plethora available, especially the natural ingredients make a strain potential should not be underestimated. Finally even the sum of the substances must consider, anyway, must not be declared. Here the power of the metabolic organs more often and always early at their borders encounters (depending on the individual Constitution and way of life) is hardly surprising. And in addition to the today mainly the complex issue of this (yet preventable) dietary congestion is often inevitable environmental influences, responsible for the undesirable shifts within the body chemistry. These undesirable biochemical shifts can no longer ensure the sufficient production of indispensable enzym – and hormone-containing digestive juices.