Night Hunting

Night hunting for marten Night hunting is so interesting and exciting and sometimes dangerous, that it is difficult to convey in words. It is simply incomparable to anything else. Hunter feels and experiences it is those feelings. For which many of us walk in the woods. Speaking candidly jonathan keane told us the story. Night forest is beautiful in its own way and one who can understand and love do not part with him than ever. But not every hunter is ready to reveal all its secrets.

Hunter, who decided for themselves, to hunt at night should not only be strong strong and hardy man, he must have extraordinary courage and good sense in the night forest. Others who may share this opinion include Preventive Medicine Research Institute. All of us who once started out with something a lot do not know and could not. But with years of experience collected and they must be shared with others. I want to tell us how to hunt marten. I live in the Perm region, where the practice of night hunting with huskies. Why at night? Because basically all the animals are nocturnal, so most dobychliva night hunting.

In addition, she is attractive by the fact that a person gets the adrenaline, which we are all missing. From this hunt seems to be more intense and interesting. First all, this suspension hunting, and this means that hunters wear should be appropriate. Over the years, the practice itself will tell the hunter what to take, but it's better to leave the house. Let me just say one thing that every extra kilogram weight, ten ten miles will seem ten pounds.