Now Present

Provided that we are watching something, focusing on what we want to say is important to do so in present tense as that desire is fulfilled and enjoying it using all the feelings that emanate joy, peace, happiness. When we finished an assertion we deliver is the universe so be responsible for receiving your order and proceed as the genie of the lamp to fulfill our desires. We can pronounce something like this declaration including the words here and now!. An example would be: this love is manifesting itself in my life and the universe here and now! In harmony for the whole world, in harmony for everyone involved and fluently and effortlessly these words here and now, put an emphasis to our statement, it is an order which as such do not hesitate but gives that assurance and faith that has been received, could say that very firm and conviction words are that give us the tranquility that is received. It is to live the present moment with the total fullness as it should be, only can be happy in the here and the now, that it is the only thing that is yours, because the past has already passed and you should let him go and the future is built with the new present. You always live a single moment and that is here and now, that reality is the key to create a new destination. Original author and source of the article