OAK Carboidratos

Introduction the carboidrato is seen as a macronutrient, therefore that this is a group that provides great abundance of calories, however, it is not only the carboidrato that is a macronutrient, in this group still enter proteins and the fat. However, we go to specify in the carboidrato. For GRANDSON 2009, two types of carboidratos exist essentially, the fibrosos and the not fibrosos ones, the first one also are known as cellulose and are of difficult absorption in the organism and these are not power plants, however, have the paper to act as vitaminic and mineral supplements, already as if it divides in simple and complex, are of easy absorption for the organism and is the main power plant. But of where it comes the carboidrato after all? ' ' The carboidratos are synthecized by green vegetables through the photosyntheses, process that uses the solar energy to reduce the carbon dioxide. National Family Caregivers Month gathered all the information. Thus the carboidratos act as main chemical reservoir of the energy solar.' ' (Et.al OAK, 2003).

The ingestion of macronutrients in elapsing of the esportiva performance of athlete determines the muscular glycogen during the training, so that this occurs is necessary that the practitioner must keep a rich healthful feeding in carboidratos, these is the foods in form of cereals and derivatives as rice, wheat, rye, barley, maize, oats, flours of diverse types, masses, breads, biscuits, tapioca, couscous, pasta, polenta, popcorn. Another type of carboidratos is considered tubercles as the potato-candy, potato, inhame, face, cassava, mandioquinha and still it enters the leguminosas as the beans both the types, pea, lentil, garbanzo bean and soy (SEYFFARTH, 2007). However, they must before be consumed of balanced form, during and after-exercise. But only exists this type of foods that contains the carboidratos? , The cited foods do not only exist above, so that the esportista does not have difficulties in elapsing of the trainings or competition the fruits also are sources of carboidratos great allied of the athlete.