The body of persons is an endless capabilities people since its composition is very complex and each of its elements makes possible the realization of some function of great importance for the development of activities that normally should be performed, therefore before the lack or deficiency of one of the components of the body may be affected greatly the fulfillment of many actions that be implemented normally. Before the above a field of application as important as medicine has developed some specific skills that serve special points in regard to health and disease, what is referred to as branches or specializations, which offer a special attention to the presence of certain abnormalities of health focusing on a point in the body. Among the many branches of medicine that have been developed for the care of body parts specific, is Ophthalmology which in their field of study has developed knowledge, techniques and specialized skills in the care of a body as important as they are the eyes, treating topics as the normal physiology of the eye, the complex structure that accompanies the eyes, events and diseases that can affect the normal operation of the view, in addition to certain treatments and procedures useful for the care of eyes and prevention of future problems. An important fact in ophthalmology is that this specialty applies both to humans and to the field of veterinary medicine, since the differentiating criteria between human eyes and the animals are presented in anatomy, but not in the pathological factors. To develop the ophthalmology a person first you must go through the process of training in medicine, and after this a surgical process of studies should be, i.e. ophthalmology is a study of the level of the post-graduates, since it requires the acquisition of specialized knowledge that occurs in the course of several years of studies and practices. This accuracy is very important to understand the difference between Ophthalmology and optical, who apply because while Ophthalmology means a lengthy process of professional specialization, the optical are technical specialists and field of action is less. Application of Ophthalmology by a professional represents the realization of several treatments in which treat various infections and other types of disorders that arise in the eyeballs, with the idea of providing an appropriate solution that allow having conditions optimal view; Ophthalmology also attends aspects as refraction alterations and the development of orthoptics as treatment of the vices of the view.

One of the main and most important tasks mandated in ophthalmology is to prevent blindness and measured attention to blind patients. 3 Types of treatments, which are presented in the work of Ophthalmology: surgical: for cases of cataracts, myopia and glaucoma. Doctor: is the treatment using different drugs for prevent and treat different infections. spray: studying the visual quality that has to adjust to the perfect measure, which apply in glasses or contact lenses. Original author and source of the article