Panax Ginseng

Two types of ginseng exist: ginseng American and ginseng Panax (Asian). Many people take both types by oral route because she is known that ginseng is an aphrodisiac cash and, in addition, stimulates the appetite. Also type II is used for the treatment of the diabetes and masculine sexual dysfunction. Ginseng also is an ingredient that is used commonly in drinks energetics. You can obtain ginseng dry, or sliced or whole. What Makes the Ginseng? During many years the popularity of ginseng and its apparent medicinal value had not been corroborated by the scientific community. Many studies have become about ginseng, but the results vary and are contradictory.

In dose sub-clinics, ginseng does not show any quantifiable medicinal effect. Nevertheless, the results of recent studies show the immunological effects of ginseng. Widely used in the medicine it fits traditional and other Asian medicines, shortage is had that ginseng has anti-inflammatory properties. According to the investigators, this is key for the treatment of several chronic diseases. What For which the Ginseng has been Effective? Investigators of the University of were able to identify 7 ginsenosidas called components of ginseng.

The ginsenosidas ones are responsible by the effects immune suppressants for ginseng. The scientists think that the anti-inflammatory property of ginseng is the result of the combined action of the 7 components. Each of them is directed to different levels of immunological activity. This combined action can be responsible for the many medical applications of ginseng. Human the immune cells were put under treatment with several extracts of ginseng. Of the 9 ginsenosidas shortages, one determined that 7 inhibit inflammatory gene CXCL-10 selectively. The study is not conclusive; more studies to still more examine ginsenosidas and the their potential beneficial effects are required to control acute and chronic inflammatory diseases in the humans. He is interesting to notice that the investigators proved the immune effects holistic of the extract of ginseng using special technologies of purification. These technologies were used to identify individual components and to determine the bioactividad of each component through genomic tests and bioactividad. Then, the scientists reconstituted these components in an extract that he has ginsenosidas individual definable to verify the effects.