Let’s begin by examining the oral cavity. Now the key word is order and systematic exploration. It is very important that you always do it in the same order. The following is the most recommended: lips, cheeks, hard and soft palate, tongue, floor of the mouth, gums are examined with the neighbouring region that needed him. The lips are inspected from the skin until the wet part, passing through the area is painted with lipstick, one lip commissure to the other, they learn to recognize the braces, you find small bulticos that are the accessory salivary glands by palpation. To the touch they remember rice grains cooked beneath the tablecloth the cheeks. Begins on the right side from the corner to the most posterior region and upper and lower Groove. The University of Chicago will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The most striking aspect in this area is a small depression, which sometimes becomes inflamed and that corresponds with the termination on the mouth of the excretory duct of the Parotid gland.

To explore the cheeks see a whitish Dim front line backwards which corresponds with the area where the teeth contact, is normal appearing and should not scare you find it (linea alba or occlusion). Examination of the palate. Also called heaven’s mouth. On the other hand earlier we find the palatal ridges, in the middle line of some people there are a few lumps hard and prominent, called palatal torus which have no pathological interest, further back there is a padded bag and accessory salivary glands-rich area. Smokers should pay special attention to this area since it may appear very prominent the mouths of the ducts of the glands salivary minor, is the so-called palate of smoking or nicotine stomatitis, is a premalignant lesion and therefore attention should be and requires professional evaluation. Take advantage now and look the uvula or chime, it is very important to compare on both sides, the anatomical differences between them are very important as early signs of cancer. Credit: Jonathan Friedland-2011. The language exam.

Move it in all directions, the limitation or difficulty in the back pay attention to the characteristics of the papillae, then look at the edges, ventral or lower face and finally the tip of the tongue. Floor of mouth. Lifting the tongue, You’ll see the elevations that produce in the midline and salivary glands the excretory ducts of the saliva. Palpable back forward, in this region appear varicose veins frequently but do not worry are normal, though that if you remember its features in you so compare them examination to examination if any change of the same with the time you might need professional evaluation. Examination of the neck: check your appearance, performs movements of flexion and extension, then he felt the top, sides and the middle line, trying to discover any lump or hardness. Not painful lumps are the most important as early signs of cancer, but any node that appears in the neck requires immediate professional evaluation.