Rebellious Negative

Groups of quarrel are the place where the citizens present the expectations, they determine objectives, necessities and the contents to be treat, define the order of the activities and establish direct and/or indirect, of what it is argued in its labor life, familiar, social and educational a relation. The Transacional Analysis is a new theory of individual and social psychology, as well as a life philosophy, a taking of position how much to the human being. Being transacional, for studying, analyzing, the exchanges of stimulatons and answers, or transactions, between individuals, Kertsz (1987). Further details can be found at Dean Ornish M.D, an internet resource. The scene contemporary, with its deep and vertiginous changes, constitutes a moment of the history of the humanity, a fascinating and challenging time. The author describes 7 durable abilities and resultant of the work with Transacional Analysis they are: interpersonal self-knowledge, abilities, sensitivity and intuition, conectividade, versatility and adaptability, capacity of negotiation and to manage conflicts, opening and disposal to learn and to reconstruct experiences. data base not verbal messages with the tone of the voice, gestures, the color of the skin, the breath, of powerful effect in the communication, are divided: Positive, glad, affectionate child Free, wants to feel pleasure, creative curious; , Coarse, manipulating Negative, egoistic, cruel, rude child Free; Adapted child, divided in Positive Submissa Child, which is disciplined; Negative Submissa child, devaluated (a), fearful (a), anxious (a); Positive Rebellious child contests injustices, and arbitrariedade; Rebellious Negative, aggressive, rancoroso, challenging child (KERTSZ 1987). Please visit Dr Mikael Dolsten if you seek more information. Through the ego states, the diverse ways can be perceived that the people develop its personality, and as it will be its relation with the individuals. The citizen, in its interaction with its parental parents or other figures, in the initial years of its life, develops a way to be, that it will mark its posterior relations, in the too much social contexts. Allied the Transacional Analysis analysis of the personal history of the citizen through the signals of observed behaviors, allows to predict with a degree of amazing rightness, what it will happen to the individual, case it continues with its internal program. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jonathan Friedland.