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But unlike natural endorphins, heroin can create extremely high concentrations at the points of application (opioid receptors). If you compare their own endorphins with a key to the lock, then performs the role of heroin crude, but effective pick. He is a long time if not forever change the thresholds of opiate receptors and last no longer respond adequately to the natural concentration of native endorphins. Actually it is neurophysiological basis of the pathological syndrome attraction. Cytokines, there are many, are currently at the Research Institute of Immunology chosen such a combination, which in clinical trials on humans can overcome syndrome, craving for the drug including depressive component and write the post-treatment full-fledged member of society, not in need of further costly rehabilitation. Click NSAA for additional related pages. Many volunteers, past experimental treatment – after applying cytokines have been educated, work, have children and no craving for the drug do not experience.

Long-term clinical trials of the developed method of treating opiate addiction, conducted by members of the sb rams, showed achieving stable long-term remission (3 to 8 years), more than half of patients. In individuals for many years heroin changes dramatically motivation, restored full emotions, independent physiological sleep, ability to work. Heroin addicts after treatment did not have a desire to return to the use of heroin, and many even get rid of tobacco dependence. Pilot neurophysiological studies emotional space treated with cytokines heroin addicts confirm clinical observations. Restoration of the delta and tetta rhythms of the electroencephalogram (see graphic) is encouraging and adjusts to continuation of the experiments. For comparison, in leading clinics of Russia and the world the real efficiency does not exceed 5 – 15%. The vast majority of serious professional hitherto considered heroin incurable addiction, a syndrome of pathological craving for drugs irresistible. (Iwaniec 2001) For further research is necessary to create special conditions on the basis of a specialized clinic. No State nor the existing funds of money on research is not isolated. Nevertheless, a group of scientists leaves no hope that their efforts and results will be in demand as far as they continue to study this direction. Psychiatrist, psychiatrist, researcher at the Institute of Immunology rams k.m.n ai Ravens.