Rest In Loo

Loo – spa resort within the precincts of Big Sochi, a remote, but from the bustling city center. Wonderful climate, unspoiled beaches, amazing subtropical nature, infrastructure – all this has consistently attracted tourists. The name 'Loo' is the name of the largest feudal family Abaza Lau or Lou (Loovy), at the turn of the XIII-XIV centuries in the Abaza-tapanta moved to the northern slopes of the Great Caucasus mountain range. Until now, the Looe area are the ruins of a medieval Abkhazian-Alan Temple VIII-IX centuries. Travel companies will offer you a tour of this and many other objects of historic and natural heritage Loo. Holidays in Looe – an excellent opportunity to combine a quiet family vacation or a romantic resort with entertainment. In addition, finding themselves without work in Sochi, you will be able to attend concerts of stars, shows, parties open-air, trendy nightlife clubs.

Looe – a great place for family and romantic relaxation. For children and adults in the village has a lot of fun: riding on the 'banana', flying with a parachute rides, a unique all-season water park 'AquLoo'. If you're going to spend your holidays in Looe, inevitably raises the question of choosing a hotel. Hotels in Looe each year increase the quality of services, there are more modern hotels and guest houses. One of the the best places to stay in Looe is considered boathouse hotel "Loo." Its benefits include proximity to the sea (just 20 steps!), Comfort and convenience rooms, excellent food, reasonable prices, and many additional services.

3-storey hotel 'Loo' is the first in the whole complex of slipways on a wide pleasant pebble beach at Looe. May book a hangar as a whole, it holds up to 14 people. Hotel in Looe year round. Elling-hotel "loo" is waiting You are on vacation in 2010!