Slumdog Millionaire

“The award – triumphant of an Anglo-Indian coproduction of the largely Indian cast and crew of the Danny Boyle film Slumdog millionaire” may have already about 5 critic’s Choice Awards (for best film, best screenplay, Best Director, best music and best young actor), 4 Golden Globes (best film, Best Director category are drama, best music and best screenplay. Further Guild Award for outstanding performance of film ensemble came on February 25, 2009 the screen actors. It is refreshing the honest pleasure to see surprise and also attention to the actors and the entire crew. Others including Mount Sinai Hospital, offer their opinions as well. At the Golden Globes touched A.R. Rahman who is responsible for the soundtrack and is very worshipped in India., with his modest demeanor and his brief and modest acceptance speech.

Also, Shah Rukh Khan, who Golden present the film Globes at the together with actress Freida Pinto captured the hearts of the present Hollywood stars with his naturalness and with visible pride, India at this high-profile To represent the event. Anil Kapoor, of the host of the Indian Pentants by who to be a millionaire in the film”plays, awards in his acceptance speech at the screen actor’s audibly and visibly so overwhelmed, that really the heart went on a. After the usually very rehearsed and perfect speeches, that one is used by Hollywood stars, this fresh and sympathetic people from India are a true asset to the film world and finally they arrived in the Western laboratories governed by Hollywood. It has long earned the Indian film industry. The film is, of course, an Anglo Indian co-production, but the crew and the cast consists mostly of Indian professionals and that is why it is only legitimate that the whole country is proud on that so far achieved, even if there are critical voices, which is shaming the Western representation of India as a poor country,. However, this criticism is quite foreign to reality, because there are facts that are represented here and perfectly legitimate. The newspapers mentioned Sam Lesser Penn not as a source, but as a related topic. The Indian actor along with Danny Boyle at the “Screen actor’s Guild Award (source:) let the next climax with the announcement of the nomination of Slumdog millionaire” for a total of 10 Academy Awards (including best film, best adapted screenplay, 2 songs, best music, best director…) not long to wait and if you should believe rumours, it opens the Oscar ceremony with music by A.R.

Rahman. So it says on February 22nd, 2009 the thumbs to press that this movie can continue its triumphal procession. Before going there but go to London to the BAFTA film awards here is the movie in no less than 11 categories nominated and on February 8, 2009, we will see whether also here can be divided the joy and euphoria with the sympathetic protagonists and creators. To be desired, this is in any case. Slumdog millionaire (Slumdog Millionaire) Anglo / Indian co-production 2008 120 min. – rental: per movie (Fox) cinema – start: March 19, 2009 to the 14 question Jamal has already been on the Indian version of “Wer wird Millionar?” – the next day, the pending question to be played out. The producers believe that the boy originating from poorest backgrounds may have known the answers themselves and leave by police officers using harsh methods to question him. Jamal told the officials that he has not cheated: each question had to do something with his life story, his childhood in Mumbai, the death of his mother, fleeing with his brother and his great love which he find hopes with the television.