The aged one participated in all periods of training of the life of a social organization, where the established rules had been daily pay aiming at a combined coercion and reciprocity in changeable degrees. The mature age, keeps out of society for imposing physical limitations and certain restrictions, the way that many friction the third age, also seem consolao, ‘ ‘ best idade’ ‘. Of the one not to understand this expression, really the old one has that to be faced as a being that lived many experiences and expectations, owner of a valuable luggage, without however attributing certain adjectives, to express its accumulation of years. Cancer research follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The valuation human being is necessary condition for its mental and consequentemente physical health and spiritual. The necessary society to receive the aged one as a being that is part of the context social economic-politician and, and not to see it as one empecilho, that it only serves to catch the best places in the lines and the banks of trlebus. While to establish rules that they aim at to eliminate the old one of the daily activities and of work that it can carry through, we will be living deeply a social stagnation, where less the most favored, called ‘ ‘ better idade’ ‘ , they will be white of one ‘ ‘ death precoce’ ‘. To live without being able to feel itself useful, is a form to die all for the world and the life, forgetting itself potential that loads.