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Strategic Management

This is a consequence of laws governing the transition from the industrial and economic paradigm of strategic management, which considers the activities of the enterprise through the prism of environmental factors and sectoral indicators, to a new paradigm based management resource potential and the internal capabilities of the enterprise 1. Maida Vale follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The need to integrate these approaches into a coherent theory is explained in terms of system-wide guidelines interdependence and interdependence of the object (the organization), which is regarded as an open system and its environment (the market), as a meta study of the object. In this case, the key to creating a logically holistic description of the market mechanism will be the understanding of the unity of analysis – decomposition of the market structure to an elementary level, "producer-buyer" and the subsequent synthesis of elements received in the market system. Formation of initial knowledge about the market system through the analysis assumes its structuring – the definition of a relatively stable aspect of the system, which can be regarded as its structural model. Using various methods of decomposition (decomposition) of the system depending on the objectives of the study determines the multiplicity of options for its structuring. From the standpoint of the essential nature of research metabolic processes seems reasonable to restrict their analysis describing the wireframe model of interaction of producers and consumers at the micro level of the market system, with the remaining environmental factors on this stage should be seen as indirect factors. eams-and-Boards’>Daversa Partners not as a source, but as a related topic. Given this determination of the structure of the metabolic processes will be reduced to the analysis of elemental composition of the "customer-product-producer, as well as identify forms of interaction between the marked elements, which upon further expansion can be considered as independent systems.

As part of the modern concept of marketing complex relationships between market participants disclosed information under an angle of view: the fundamental importance have information communications between the manufacturer and the purchaser, which are the basis for forming future metabolic processes and inventory cash flows. Conditional market communication can be represented as contacts between buyer and manufacturer (Figure 1.1). As such contact can be considered, for example, advertising communication, information search on the manufacturer's web site, contact the buyer with the seller, a visual assessment of the buyer at point of sale, at trade shows, direct sales by telephone, the display of goods manufacturer in the office of buyer, etc. The need for a detailed study of causal relationships between the structural units of the model follows from the general patterns of concentration and specialization, and attempts to elicit endogenous factors of their occurrence by site-specific market. In industrial markets, trends observed appear as a personification of the market offers for each customer. In markets end-users an alternative proposal is the creation of differentiated segmentation of consumers' needs and targeted buying segments. Thus, understanding specific metabolic processes will lie in the plane of study motivation of market participants, the internal laws of their formation for each case the interaction of buyer and manufacturer C (Customer) – P (Product) – S (Supplier).

Customer Relationship Management

We are using CRM-system since its inception, has consistently led the ratings of the best variety of CRM-applications in the world. Unlike most on the market CRM-systems, Oracle Siebel crm was originally developed to automate Customer Relationship Management, and has not been altered in a hurry from systems erp, ecm cms when you are in demand. This approach enabled the Siebel crm system for many years be a trendsetter in the field of crm. A functionality of the Oracle Siebel crm CRM-lead to the desired effect, even in unusual at first glance, her areas (working with the bad debts). Learn more at: Tom Florio. It is worth noting that initially the decision laid the broad integration capabilities, as the CRM-system often has to consolidate a large amount of disparate information about the client. A feature of this solution is that it one of the first used a three-tier structure, with a large set of functions at each level. Working with databases is carried out at the data level, the configuration application structure and business processes at the application or business logic and presentation to end users, and setting at the level of the user interface. With the integration of the CRM-system into the existing infrastructure of the possibility of integration at various levels allows to save resources and to choose the most appropriate form of integration in each case.

In addition, support for Oracle Siebel crm the most common technology standards, allows us to make this process less cumbersome and transparent to the customer. Lonnie Smith is often quoted as being for or against this. Unfortunately, even the use of such a functional and proven CRM-system can not guarantee the success of the project without the availability of skilled implementation team. Oracle Siebel crm, how nice car, needs of drivers and qualified service. Given these factors, this CRM-system, like the car will be a long time to please their owners.

Making Business Plans

Business plan – why need a business plan. Business planning, cost efficiency, risk analysis. In practice, even very common that new businesses are started without a business plan. That is, no, that once a initially plan their business on paper, begin to implement their projects with their heads once in life. Therefore, the Europeans have created a special structure of the standard business plan for countries such as ours named UNIDO.

This is the most simplest form of business plan. After reviewing several sites that teach writing business plans, and in the very method in the first place, the first section put a resume. Although the logic should be summarized at the end of the work, summarize, okay if the standards are prescribed, it means that a summary is in the beginning. For what need a business plan. Yes, a well-written business plan can not ask for money only from the bank, but also look for an investor. Business plan, its main part, a financial plan. Let's see advertising business plans on the Internet – make up business plans, such a price. So, you as the leader of the organization, hire the consultants that make up your business plan and you are satisfied go to the bank for financing.

Bankers are not stupid people, know how to count money, check out your business plan, counted, and based on calculations conclude – to give you money or not. And if you go, for example, the private investors who do not understand what the internal rate of return, you will be able to explain to him that the project investment is attractive? All the more so to calculate the net present value, gross profit, period payback – this for a good business plan is not enough. I often hear that the business plan – it's all on paper but in real life work is unknown.


Income is a serious and selling links from a blog in order to optimize, ie, site promotion (what's this I wrote in detail in the previous issue – prim.avtora). Link from a reputable blog with your keyword results raises the issue page of a site in search engines Yandex, Rambler and Google. AND Customers pay money according to a well-promoted blog. Link could cost $ 1 and 50. These links in one post or on the main page can be a dozen. The era of the homeless individual research fellow in the field of blogovodstva last year gave birth to the Internet fashion for so-called homeless. Blood test addresses the importance of the matter here. Everything started with a blog of one of Kiev comrade. A young resident of Kiev set a goal to earn less than a year, money for a studio apartment.

AND he did it in 10 months. His story as he spat on the core work, television, beer, spending time with friends and relatives from Kiev has published on his blog, called "Kiev bum." An example was so infectious, that are mushrooming on the Internet began to appear more bums: Moscow, Omsk and Altai, southern, Minsk, bezkolesnye etc. Each of them neatly on the pages of his diary every month to report, as he approached the cherished goal – to earn a home or car, posting revenue and expenses. Earned on the flat, not all homeless people, but a lot of Russian Internet users, having read the "financial striptease" steel consider their own blogs primarily as a source of income, rather than a way of expression. On all hands not out of boredom Despite the fact that today the Internet can find thousands of resources, how to make money on the blog, really raise money far in excess of the average salary, from the pages of his personal diaries are not so many users. The reason is banal – too much to know and professional blogger. Because in fact Blogging can be compared with the owner of a newspaper or magazine, only he and the journalist and designer, and editor and marketing specialist (read: promote), and Chief Financial Officer and Head of Advertising.

Therefore, blogger in the first place, it is necessary to own the word, writing style, easy to understand and useful to have on you referred to by other bloggers and regular readers are not turned away. Second, have some idea of design – a literate writings Visitors no longer will draw the audience demands more fun pictures so terrible. Third, have some idea of saitostroitel'stva – earnings on free platforms such as blogger.com, LiveJournal, etc. Li.ru is very limited – they owners place their ads, and links in order to optimize them are very cheap. Therefore, bloggers are forced to create their own resources. In addition, it is necessary to know the basics of search engine optimization (getting visitors from search engines come to your blog), to work with the systems of electronic payments, to think in contextual advertising and other other. Easier to say what can not be a successful blogger on the Internet. Unfortunately, bloggers still nowhere to be taught, and all necessary to master himself, studying successful examples. But if you is not scared, then go for it, maybe your personal blog a year or two will bring you a solid income and you spit on the boring work with ostochertevshim head, with traffic jams on the way to the office and back, need to get up and rush to a certain time. All in your hands. And in my head. You are worse than others …