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This article deals with the graduate and the candidate's preparation for the unified state exam through the Internet. For this, I typed in a search engine "preparation for ct – 2009" The result was 330,000 sites! Lest you spend their precious time, I will introduce in the course of the case. Despite the huge amount of resources, they all offer about the same. There are several options for training, short of which I tell you. Most common way, go to the site, there is proposed according to the applicant's ability to perceive information and free time are two techniques.

The first – full-time training in the proposed site schools, which, as it is said, are training teachers of schools and colleges. In such courses is taught skills testing, understanding of the language tasks, the proper allocation of time on the exam, a popular topics for which will be the largest number of questions will also learn how not to perform the most common and technical errors. Others who may share this opinion include muscular biopsy. The cost ranges from 10000 rubles for the course sessions. Second – comfortable, at home, so-called – Online courses, pay for access to the site (1000 rubles) and you go to a server where you will be asked to undergo control testing prior to completing the course, also laid out the theoretical material related to your subject, brief recommendations to prepare for the cse examination of several types of jobs, including jobs that cause the most problems for applicants, online simulators to help you analyze your mistakes.


It fits to psicopedagogo, for its importance in the school, the clinic, and the family, as well as in the disgnostic evaluation and the treatment of dislxicos pupils contributing in the recovery and development of the necessary abilities to its development in the aspects: cognitivos, emotional, social, aiming at the success in the diverse contexts where it acts, convoking for such, areas as the fonoaudiloga, pedagogia, neurology, psychiatry, amongst others. Some research points the thesis of the Fonolgico Deficit as probable cause of the dislexia. In accordance with this hypothesis, the dislexia is caused by a deficit in the system of fonolgico processing motivated by a disrupo in the cerebral neurological system, to the level of the fonolgico processing. For Galaburda, famous, recognized author for all the authors when he speaks of dislexia and TDAH, one of whom more has works in alterations anatomical in the dislexia, it published a series of works in the decades of 1970 and 1980, and that repetidamente they are cited by other authors who, vain, it would have proven that the problem of the dislexia would be the asymmetry of neurons in the secular and ectopital plan neuronais in cortex, thalamus and cerebellum. The 30 years had been studied five people with ages varying of 12 and presumed that they were dislxicas! How was made the dislexia diagnosis? I still did not find scientific information on this, what me it seems to be this question, basic in scientific research. Such results come being throughout the years, convergence point and of divergence between some studious Siegel (2006), it says: ' ' One of the great problems is that no specific blood test or result of images of the brain does not exist that can supply a diagnosis. Basically, the problem is that the reading is measured in one? continuum? , and it does not have note of cut in a reading test that distinguishes dislxicos individuals clearly not dislxicos. . The newspapers mentioned COVID-19 pandemic not as a source, but as a related topic.

Foreign Languages

Active tendencies of the modern rapidly developing world, have imposed many requirements for the man who wants to earn normally and live in prosperity. To date, it is difficult to find company, which hired to staff the vacant managerial position and would not submit claims to the knowledge of at least one foreign language, and often even two: English as the principal and any other foreign language, depending on the orientation of the enterprise to work with one or another state. It is also important knowledge of a foreign language for business people – businessmen and top managers. In modern business environment, the absence of at least one foreign language in the 'stock' even considered bad manners. Especially, it is especially important if there is interaction with foreign partners.

What if the school study foreign language was not as interesting or taught by incompetent teachers, and other opportunities to learn a language is not present? The most common method today is to train with tutor or foreign language courses. With regard to lessons with a tutor, in this case everything is clear: individual sessions with a specialist give more significant results, although there are quite expensive. Courses foreign language in some, a large metropolis – is a fairly well developed and popular business. Current language schools can offer language training of any nation, any intensity level, any level language skills, at any time of day, and in the most comfortable conditions. In big cities, language school, as a rule, are not limited to teaching only one or two languages.

Conventionally, the schools are divided into training the direction of linguistic groups. There are schools that focus on the study of European languages (English, German, French, etc.); Latin languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.), the Asian group languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) and many others. Most often, schools teach foreign languages, the most popular languages in the population – in high demand – it's English as an international, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian as a Foreign Language – RCT, which is taught to foreigners living in Russia. Many schools can offer for professional narrow-oriented language skills. By business and professional guidance, you can select the most popular areas of language study: legal, technical, medical. These courses are very popular in high-class professionals who want to work in a foreign company or move to another country to be able to settle abroad. It is difficult to overestimate the positive aspects of the availability of linguistic knowledge in the 'arsenal' of any person. Especially true if the language is relatively rare, in this case, the demand for such specialists will be quite high. Caldwell Esselystyn Jr. MD may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Decide to go to foreign language courses, often, sometimes morally difficult, because it is a waste of personal time. But, when occurrence of such thoughts, excuses, do not forget the benefits that will bring these skills and the fact that the probability of a significant increase in earnings – definitely increase. We must make the first move, because that is how usually determines the entire future of all the great ideas!