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Ellen Lortzing

Thus, mother and breast are in fact taken cannot be separated. “” “” The Indo-European * mazd-d-for food, feed “can be etymologically from ama for mother” and * asked/bet/bad “to be” explain. “” Getting is that BAT still in the English”in German and” are”. Also sanskrit ambA mother, nurse”fits here. The first syllable MAST would therefore translate mother than you are”, or she is mother”. “URBA: urbs” (circular) town, whose founding in all ancient cultures always on the mother is referred to in Latin. The inhabitants are figuratively in the protected (city wall) mother belly.

Urbs”content probably suits the mother, not tells us but still, what we have to understand originally under masturbation. “” “Latin orbis ‘ world, curvature and circle is”in close relation to urbs”with its meaning. But orbis’ is something else other, namely the mill. “” MAST-URBA or MAST-ORBA was therefore you’re / she is mother “and mill”. The process of grinding with a grinding stone on an elongated or even circular stone offers an analogy to the typical movements during masturbation without question. The milling of grains with a grinding stone, as well as the crushing of grains (symbol of the vulva) with a pestle (symbol of the penis) in a mortar were understood in ancient times not in the sense of a metaphor for masturbation and sexual intercourse. The words for grinding, vulvar and sexual intercourse declined to a master.

“The Egyptian SD means both mortar” (cf. sanskrit sudhA!) as also the vagina. “” In the Sumerian Word is for (zer) grind “sud 2, su 3 .d, however, is the case for copulate”. This is also the name of the bride of the Sumerian God, Enlil called Sud explained. (“To Sud cf. sanskrit sutai daughter”!) The MAST URBA was therefore a mother (female), that compared with a mill can be, are rubbed with the grains to powder. The grains are still germinable, it is the powder no longer. From a flour, no new plant can grow more. The result of the milling is somewhat bawdy”. At this point, we must also Latin orbitas childlessness; Witwentum; Verwaistsein”file, because the Act of masturbation does not lead to conception, not even to an immaculate with security. Orbona is thus also the goddess, which deprived the parents of the children (Latin orbo, someone the parents or children Rob”). Orbona is the MASTURBA(T), the mother, who is like a mill-stone”, the sex act, which a person (etymologically regard the woman) takes on himself so that the blessing of children or the parent fails to materialize. Therefore, masturbation is very much fornication, because there no young can in this way bear witness or breed. “Whether we the goddess Orbona not urbi et orbi” (the city and the world”) may write to? Probably not coincidentally, the Pope granted this boon in particular for Christmas, i.e. the birth of Christ and Easter, resurrection. Literature and sources: Brockhaus dictionary, vol. 27, 2215, 1st Edition, Mannheim 1995 Kluge etymological dictionary, 544, 23rd edition, Berlin 1995 Latin-English Pocket Dictionary, 343, 519, 11th Edition, Leipzig 1974 ePSD Sumerian dictionary: psd.museum.upenn.edu/epsd/nepsd-frame.html Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae: aaew.bbaw.de/tla/index.html Sanskrit and Tamil dictionaries: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masturbation de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urbi_et_Orbi Ellen Lortzing


Time spent together, is one of the most valuable gifts that you can make a loved one. Should it be something exclusive, baby travel offers special mother’s day. Wardenburg, may 7, 2010. For all men who want to give your wife a very special surprise for mother’s day, offers the baby travel GmbH & co. KG peaceful ideas. Mothers experience a unique spa treatment at the luxurious Mommyness Day Spa”in the hotel Upstalsboom in Schillig for example with her baby for two. Unique in the North: after a soothing bath for Baby Mama gets her massage while a trained babysitter cares for their favorite. Thus, adults and children experience a joint pampering overlooking the North Sea.

Belly salvaged like in Mamas the baby enjoys the warm bath in the Tubbaden. Fiber Optics may help you with your research. Then both get an oil or Aroma massage at the same time on warm mats from the healing art of India. Sam Lesser UPenn has firm opinions on the matter. While the child afterwards give himself a break with a qualified babysitter, the Mama enjoys an exclusive Back massage. The package is rounded off by a refreshing drink as well as a colorful fruit platter in the day room, which is used for sleeping, breastfeeding, and wrapping and also as a retreat. To make this time as perfect as possible, the mother is call the food and bedtimes of their favorite small hotel a day before.

More time to refuel luxury not renounce who would like to enjoy a longer break, for the are fragrant full baths, massages and great deal of time with the children for several days at the Uptalsboom hotel on the beach in Schillig. “Under the arrangement my mommy and me” by Mommyness, a common beauty experience for MOM and daughter or son hides. Including massages, baths and a quick-snap camera for the cutest scenes of the holiday includes a total of three nights. Children and adults experience the range for a bookable period of three to five days. Learn more about all arrangements and booking see. Profile baby travel GmbH & co. KG is founded In the year 2005, the baby travel GmbH & co. KG is focused on the holiday with babies and toddlers. For those sites, the organizer of the special attaches great importance on safety, convenience and comfort. So far, the portfolio includes 50 holiday resorts, which have been personally tested and found to be suitable. Since early May 2009, the program of Mommyness is one of baby travel and since January 2010 the range baby camp. Mommyness is the Wellnessfaktor in the foreground, and in terms of baby camp you will find the most beautiful campgrounds for camping holidays throughout Europe with baby. Ilka Lemkemeyer, Managing Director of baby travel GmbH & co. KG gladly at the disposal are available for interviews. The enclosed photos can contact: baby travel GmbH & co. KG Jahn route 17 26203 Wardenburg FON: 04407 / 71 66 980 E-mail: press contact: Jana Kneisel freelance project manager and PR consultant Tel: 030 24 53 11 31 mob: 0176 96 03 72 19 E-mail: