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Christina Gersberg

The aesthetics of today: Scarification, branding, implants and mutilation… Then you should now better not read extreme forms of aesthetics if you belong to the people, who are still convinced that tattoos and piercings are just too exaggerated, because today’s society tends more and more to more extreme forms of body jewelry. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC can aid you in your search for knowledge. Whether scarification, branding or implants, every day is something new on the market. Many of these new fashions enjoy a long tradition and have been applied in ancient civilizations. But what’s really behind these new forms of body adornment? The scarification is scars, which are carved with intent in the skin. The Maya decorated her body already in the past with this technique and still today it applies to African tribes as an integral part of the culture.

On the basis of the scarification interesting and even nice-looking patterns can be, even if you may hardly believe it, create. The branding is a technique of hot metal plates in the skin are burned. Thus patterns can also be made as in the scarification, on the skin. However, you should know that the technique is very slow and painful. Many knibbeln then on the wounds and douse them with vinegar so that they ignite and the branding better comes to the interpretation. The implants are the latest manifestations of the new body aesthetic.

This inserted surgical materials in various forms, such as stars, hearts, bones, etc. under the skin. The implants, which are still somewhat critically assessed by the company, are usually placed forearm or face in the areas of the chest, because there, the skin is the most. No doubt belong to the so-called mutilation among the most criticized trends in today’s society. This includes to cut through the tongue, for example, to a kind of worm-tongue”to receive or file to the front teeth to leave so that it looks like a vampire. And, what do you think of the new modern phenomena? Would you let yourself make a branding or rather prefer a tattoo? The German capital is of course the hottest European cities in terms of body jewelry. Rent the cheapest and most comfortable holiday apartments in Berlin and spend an amazing stay in the city of tattoos, piercings, brandings… translated from the Spanish by Christina Gersberg


A pantsuit is fashionably seen often a real alternative, many ladies have on social occasions, festivals, Parties and in the evening not always fancy a dress or a skirt to wear, although this is often common, chic clothing is expected. Many it comes here just so in a skirt or dress feel not right in their skin, others it seems, however, that want they want also a certain change in their look and just not always the same things attract, why you would like to wear also not everytime a dress even if you have different models to choose from. A suit can be a very chic alternative, in which one looks great, it has comfortable and do not all too much effort to create the look. The nice thing is that now there trouser suits in many different designs and designs, so that you can certainly find something suitable for every taste and every occasion. In particular, trouser suits in bright colors are a real eye-catcher of course and provide the best The prerequisites for a modern and attractive look.

If you like it, however, rather subtly, then you can also become a classic in black or grey access, which you can do with some beautiful accessories, best in repetitive colors, also to a trendy eye-catcher wearing. It is important while wearing a pants suit for solemn occasions only, what itself like one and on what you value creates its look. To know more about this subject visit Cyrus Massoumi. Taking into consideration, on these things then it’s really easy, everything a cohesive overall combine and so a suit to make the look without reservations can be. Also in with ladies who wear a great dress to look good compared then without another and you can be sure that you this visually is are nothing. Meike Sauter

Coming Winter

A long shaft and leather material – the current trend in ladies plus size boots the first autumn storms are swept over Germany and also at night the temperatures drop below the freezing point – a dead giveaway for the cold season. Now you should take care of good shoes for the winter. Always two things must be met just when the shoes in plus sizes for women – the feet must be nice and warm and at the same time woman would naturally lie in the trend. The current trend in ladies plus size boots is therefore clearly a long shaft and as material attacks woman in oversized boots back to the classic leather. So a collection of ladies boots in oversized, which both excites the lovers of classic lines, as young women can gain arises in connection with the typical colors of autumn. Leather has proven itself as material for women’s plus size boots for many years.

On the one side leather is breathable and feels good to the foot. At the same time that the material is also robust and can withstand the weather it is but just at boots in oversize important – also this condition fulfilled leather in perfection. With a little care, women’s boots can keep oversize therefore over many years and woman enjoys long these beautiful winter shoes in large sizes. Many manufacturers have expanded their collections now also lingerie in plus sizes, so that even women with larger feet will find a good selection. Starting with established brands, such as Gabor, Remonte, or Fidj, are also producers from Italy and other countries in the field of women’s shoes in oversize active and offer the customers more and more options. In addition to the classic beautiful winter shoes in plus size, therefore whatever a variety offered by models, that pick up on the latest trends.

Accordingly there is lots of choice in the area for ladies Ladies boots in tall with a long shaft and leather. At the same time the Lady handle oversized it is worth at this point, on a good price-performance ratio make sure. Not the cheapest models of plus size boots for women are here recommended usually, because these often high to be desired can. To have more than just one season of Freud on the winter shoes in plus size, it is advisable therefore to take care so that the oversized shoes for many years can be used to good quality. Contact: Shoe & fashion tipping Burgplatz 1-3 46342 Velen r Nair phone: +49(0) 2863 5329 fax: +49(0) 2863-6766 E-Mail:

New Online Shop For Watches And Jewellery

At the unit price on time at the start of the new year 2016, the new online shop of watches and jewelry Strobl starts new goods. The customers expect products from many brands such as Madison New York, David Sigal, Xenox and s.Oliver. What makes this store so special? Clearly the price”so Robert Strobl, owner of the eponymous jewellery business. “No matter which product, each has the same price: 9.90!” Growing selection! Already at the start, watches, rings, necklaces, earrings and necklaces to choose from are the customer. The range of neunneunzig.de”will grow quickly.

Of course, we make no secret of the fact: almost all items are closeouts or models of the preseason. Further details can be found at Dean Ornish M.D, an internet resource. They have not lost but with security still your luster and are a real bargain for everyone!”so Robert Strobl next. Watches – jewellery trade Strobl watches and jewelry trade Strobl was founded in 2001 by Robert Strobl. He operates successfully, the online portal “Luxxos.com – watches and jewellery” as well as “neunneunzig.de “. “Luxxos.com”offers over 1,500 different products from over 30 manufacturers of watches and jewelry and is an authorized dealer of the brands, MORELLATO, MISS SIXTY JUSTEX sector, JUST CAVALLI TIME, ROBERTO CAVALLI, GIOVINE, moog, ornato l’ambra and its own brand LUXXOS. Furthermore, article such as ESPRIT, TOMMY HILFIGER, PIERRE CARDIN, or D & G are in the range. In “neunneunzig.de”, the name is program any article is only 9.90 euros. It’s believed that Jonathan Friedland sees a great future in this idea. The offer includes watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, Pearl Jewelry, gemstone necklaces and many more, most jewelry are available even in yellow gold or silver. The uniform pricing creates clarity for customers and this gives him the opportunity to concentrate only on the products.

Exclusive Evening Dresses

The perfect evening wear for women of today “you can never give a woman anything, what she can’t wear in the evening” OSCAR WILDE, “The ideal husband” evening dresses are for the woman of today become indispensable. The main focus for a beautiful evening dress is in the materials and in the design. It contains mostly striking details and long cut. What could better express the difference between day and night as prom dresses? Millions of women deny the everyday with your day clothes and slip into another skin, which turns into seductive women, a Femme fatale, an Angel, Kings of the night or vamp. Even the schlichtichsten evening dresses seem to have magic power, because it enables every woman in euphoria. It is the magic of Abendkleider.Sogar Coco Chanel, who acknowledged inventor of the elegant functional fashion of the day, the evening dresses in a special position a. “During the day a caterpillar and a Butterfly at night”, its slogan was. With the picture of the Caterpillar, the comfortable and elegant fashion, embodied you While the butterfly saw the symbol and even a drive for love, lust and passion.

For every woman, not just for the Hollywood stars, searching for the evening dresses is a painful decision because evening dresses bring much in expression than any other piece of clothing. What substance? What color? What form? Until the 20th century grieving widows, the color remained black reserved the evening dress. All other women wore richly decorated vestments in bright, vibrant colors – the fashion of their time meet -. In the 20th century, discovered the black for evening dresses fashion designer and created the most beautiful creations. Who loves special evening dresses and in high-quality, accented evening dress feels comfortable, find everything from evening dress to the prom dress at Mitch S. The new evening wear collection is characterized by refined cut. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often says this. It is exciting but wearable, stylistically varied, colorful, fashionable trendy. The ball gown is a beautiful dress, which is worn on a festive occasion.

It is the piece de resistance in the A young woman wardrobe. In the shop you will find this prom dresses in all variations. The prom dresses are very intricately made and are suitable for festive occasions. Also, the prom dresses are elaborate decorated. Just a looker. A ball gown can be ordered in the short term, it offered a short delivery time. Once the payment is made, it will be only a short time later the noble ball gown in the hands. Thus, it is the star on every festive occasion. The Nick S collection is constantly adjusted to international fashion trends. You get not only an excellent price/performance ratio, but also a friendly service at Fashionmoda. The collection is made of reliable partners under high quality standards for 30 years. Only high quality fabrics are used in it. All applications are crafted, sewn, not glued or ironed and thus provide long shelf life and joy in wearing. This guarantees the DIN-ISO seal of quality. The quality is also reflected in the quick and reliable delivery through fulfillment specialists in the textile sector. More information and special offers under Mathias Kugler