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Posterisan Problems

People with hemorrhoid problems know med. well Dr Elisabeth Schoenenberg, pharmacist Juliane von Meding, the Deputy Chairman of the BVpta Bernadette Cacchione and psychologist Annette Diedrichs have committed to the goal, to make life just a little easier for people with Hamorrhoidal complaints. But who wants to help, need to know exactly what actually moves the person concerned. Experts wanted to know what really matter so the four experts launched a major survey action in February 2013 * 832 participants and which were amazingly well informed! About 95 percent of the respondents were sure that in the myth, a hemorrhoidal disease from lack of hygiene would result, so it is nothing. Many knew, as strong straining during a bowel movement, low-fiber diet or sedentary activity, and lack of exercise also about the actual causes of complaints. A common delusion is that sitting on hard or cold surface lead to hemorrhoidal discomfort, unfortunately. In the Suiting is quick, tangible effect asked by treating acute hemorrhoidal problems expect the respondents primarily noticeable relief and fast action.

Also alleviating itching and relief of pain are top of the wish list. Here, the drug Commission recommends the usage of local anaesthetischer agents such as lidocaine (for example in Posterisan acute with lidocaine suppository). Skin protection during the state very different is the expectation for more protracted problems: here is protection against a recurrence of complaints for the respondents most important what is not surprising against the background that about 42 percent of the respondents stated that complaints had occurred after the symptoms of Hamorrhoidalleidens regularly again. In addition to the change of in lifestyle, such as more exercise and fiber-rich diet, proper care is essential! Because the regular application of a complex of skin ointment containing jojoba and beeswax (such as Posterisan ) protect) can protect against a recurrence of the symptoms. Actively speak to the pharmacist at one point see the experts but urgent need to catch up: still many are shying away from, the theme to blurt at hemorrhoids for only 12 percent of those polled is the pharmacist in this matter contact no. 1! Bernadette Linnertz is a special concern to encourage all those concerned with reproduction: the problem not adjourn, but looking for the Pharmacy and a conversation with the people of you trust. For more information see Darcy Stacom, New York City. There’s more help than you think.” Blood in the stool is of urgent Council by Mrs Dr. Schoenenberg: be sure to consult a doctor. “Because when blood in the stool, possible serious illness must be excluded.” * 832 participants, of which 440 people involved currently even a hemorrhoidal disease.

Ensure Sufficient Restful Sleep

With Zimovane may provide just enough restful sleep. This is especially important in the autumn and winter. Sleep and sleep disorders are widespread in our hectic world. Many people take insomnia lightly. However, sleep disorders are not foolproof and should not be ignored.

The body needs sleep to regenerate itself. Insomnia often results in that you will be irritable and restless. Stress and nervousness are typical consequences of sleep disorders. Today, there are effective treatments for sleep disorders. The spectrum ranges from General measures of sleep hygiene behavioural approaches to drug treatment. Zopiclone is used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Impact boosting a certain transmitter substance in the brain that produces the sedative and sleep-promoting effect of the preparation.

Zopiclone reduces sleep time, increases the sleep time, reduced the nightly and the early morning awakening and improves so sleep. Zopiclone seems little to affect the sleep process. Especially the dream phases are barely suppressed, which makes restful sleep. We recommend that you not take zopiclone during pregnancy. Some information about Zimovane (zopiclone) 1. What properties does the drug? Zopiclone 5mg 7 is a sleep aid from the Group of benzodiazepine-like drugs. 2. What action strengths and dosage forms are there? Zopiclone pretends it 3,75 and 7.5 mg film-coated tablets with the potency. 3. Zopiclone is applied: for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Clinically significant severity of benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine-like drugs, should be applied only for sleep disturbances. 4. What do you consider before taking zopiclone 7, 5 mg? Zopiclone 7, 5mg must not be used when: hypersensitivity to zopiclone or an other part of the medicinal product, morbid muscle weakness (myasthenia gravis), severe impairments of Breathing, briefly suspend of breathing during sleep (sleep apnea syndrome), severe liver damage. Children and adolescents under 18 years of age should not be treated 7, 5 mg with zopiclone. As zopiclone crosses into breast milk, it may be applied by nursing mothers.

Painful And Unpleasant: The Acute Otitis Media

An ear infection is painful and unpleasant. Especially babies repeatedly suffer from this, most disease caused by bacteria of the ear. The pain can occur one or on both sides and with fever and dizziness. The middle ear is connected to the rear of the throat through the eustachian tube. It is an air-filled cavity, and is separated from the ear by the eardrum. Because the middle ear via the throat is also ventilated, can enter during a cold germs this way in the middle ear and trigger inflammation. If you would like to know more about Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., then click here. Because the eustachian tube is still very short in young children and infants, they are more often affected by an ear infection.

Otitis media causes of an ear infection, it can be triggered by viruses as well as bacteria. Is it caused by viruses, it is usually viruses that cause colds and flu. More often, the inflammation is however raised by bacteria. Click Cyrus Massoumi to learn more. Bacteria of the genus are mostly in infants Staph is responsible. Main causes of otitis media is often an ascending infection of Nasen-Rachen-Raums. Is affected for example by strep or enlarged adenoids, the ventilation of the middle ear via the throat this can also lead to an ear infection. Nasal breathing is obstructed, for example by polyps, this may have a chronic ear infection resulted.

What are acute otitis media the symptoms of? The symptoms of an ear infection are different. At the beginning of usually a stabbing pain in one or both ears occurs associated with fever, ringing in the ears and dizziness, hearing loss, and a general feeling of illness. Affected infants also frequently attacking the ear and are restless and whiny. Also a warming caused by the immune response of the body against bacteria or viruses usually in addition to the pain and redness of mucous membranes and the connecting passage between the throat and ear, the ear trumpet, swells to. Can now no longer fluid out, it accumulates in the middle ear. Is there too high pressure can tear the eardrum and fluid and pus may drain. Sometimes the pain goes away with running off the liquid. Improve treatment of acute otitis media to drain of the fluid and the ventilation of the ear, nasal sprays or drops are suitable for. Is the suspicion of a bacterial infection, antibiotics is used. Because ear drops usually did not reach the middle ear, can be seen off by a treatment with these drugs. Heat is through a red light or even painkillers to relieve the pain. When the eardrum because of high pressure rips a liquid, it heals usually alone and doesn’t need any further treatment. The inflammation heals, if no complications occur, within two weeks. It lasts longer, a doctor should be consulted on again to avoid any complications or, where appropriate, to deal with. More Information, as well as products for the effective treatment of acute otitis media, see

Autism Errors

Here you will find many information for concerned parents, teachers and educators to deal with Autistic disorders. Autism is a disease associated with many Autistic disorders. You can see this fact immediately after the birth of the child. The Tot is not so flexible as the other children. He shows no special emotional reactions. Sometimes he is even quite indifferent. The autistic not smiles, don’t look in the eyes.

The parents tell about these children, that children are not ready to be taken on the arm. The autistic responds poorly to various Visual and auditory stimuli. He seems to be sometimes deaf and blind and is very afraid of changes. (Autistic) Disorder of self-consciousness this disease is primarily a disorder of self-consciousness. The autistic not very well understand the objects around him, he does not understand, what happens is not aware of the existence of other people. He can repeatedly perform the same movements. The language of the autistic child This concerns also the language of the autistic child: either it says nothing at all, or speaks the same thing again and again. It seems the parents that the child does not understand what they’re talking about.

In reality, it is not so. The autistic can remember for example the conversation between the mother and the father after a few days or weeks. He is even able to reflect the intonation. Loneliness of the autistic can not participate in the conversation. He feels often lonely. These patients are afraid of doctors, mainly unknown. At the same time, become accustomed to the autistic stuff and can withstand a change badly. A certain order these people have their special way of dealing with things. There is a certain order. Is this messed up, appears a very strong concern for an autistic child. The concern is excruciating, but you can get along with her. You can insert such a familiar object in the unknown situation. The autistic scared the ritual, to play with the kids, he plays better next door. He has a favorite itinerary for the walk, a favorite bench. It seems the adults to be strange, if the child wants to go only one way, but in reality it is Yes the ritual that helps the little ones with the concern to cope. Provoke any concern you should provoke not a concern of people with autism. Best to avoid disputes and conflicts. There is then a problem, it should be solved in full tranquillity. Definitely not the child blame and scold him. If you want that it seems but the legal error, the whole problem with a quiet voice needs to be discussed. You can decide together what can be done still better get to the thing. The child will react accordingly, remain too quiet. So it caused no concern. Different degrees of the disease, that disease can have a different level. There is the Autism is associated with the early children schizophrenia. The intellect of the people with autism can be very different. There are people with autism with a very high level of IQ. Of course that has Appearance of high intellect its peculiarities: these people understand the social situations for example bad, but can count well. These kids can get ahead, man should deal only with them constantly and carefully bring to new tasks.

Umbilical Cord Blood For Later

The storage of umbilical cord blood can help for example, improve the chances of cancer. Umbilical cord blood is the blood that I immediately after the birth of a child is still in the umbilical cord. This is not just normal blood, but special blood with very practical features. Rafeh Masood is full of insight into the issues. To use these features of umbilical cord blood called placenta residual blood, you must preserve it however immediately so it can be used later and help the baby become then great. It is worth especially in the long term, that you can store umbilical cord blood and so provide. Shows then later if you get health problems, that the umbilical cord blood can be used as its own reserve. Herein are above all still quite fresh stem cells of the child are still not deformed and have trained even no fixed function.

Because the stem cells in umbilical cord blood are so fresh and healthy, you should preserve be sure they, as she later kind of body’s secret weapon against all possible diseases and physical problems are. Add to your understanding with Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Stem cells are coveted weapon in the fight against leukemia for example and should not be wasted. Man can use umbilical cord blood by the way not only for the child whose umbilical cord is the source, but it can also donations such as any form of blood. That is one more reason why umbilical cord with its practical stem cells is so important for all the sick. But the parents must guide it extra in the way, the umbilical cord is not simply thrown away, but properly kept. It is unfortunately also a financial issue, because the umbilical cord must be transported in a stem cell Bank and frozen there. The parents have to pay this procedure first, where there are opportunities for grants. You can apply for such subsidies for health insurance. In any case you is an important investment in the health of the own child’s future and at the same time to a potential good deed, for which only once in life has the chance. Andreas Mettler

White Kaufman

enteritidis Breslau, in Group C – you. suipestifer (Salmonella cho-lerae suis) and you. paratyphi N1 Ivashentsova (Salmonella paratyphi C); in group D – you. typhi (Salmonella typhi) and you. enteritidis Gartneri (Salmonella enteritidis), you. paratyphi N2 Ivashentsova (Salmonella Moscow); Group E is represented by microbes that have no value in human pathology. The University of Chicago takes a slightly different approach. It should be noted that this classification, contributing, as I said, more rigor in the systematics of this group of bacteria, based on a bacteriological and botanical nature. She is referring laboratory characteristics of the microbe and does not take into account the importance of his clinic.

Thus, the microbes of typhoid, paratyphoid A, paratyphoid B, giving a very similar clinical picture during infection of a man found in various groups of diagrams White Kaufman. On the other hand, a stick of paratyphoid B and coli, usually give quite different human diseases, are in one group. Also in the same group are B. typhi, causing typhoid man, and B. enteritidis Gartneri – causative agent of enteritis. Salmonella is among the germs that cause disease only person (Vas. paratyphi A and B), and the germs that cause disease only one or the other species.

Finally, there are microbes that occur in animals, which can cause under certain conditions disease in humans. Special significance of this latter group of bacteria that cause food poisoning people, especially meat. It is extremely interesting that infection with chopsticks in this group of microbes may join other infections of humans and animals, complicating major diseases. So, you have an infection. suipestifer complicates swine fever, caused by filterable virus. Wand paratyphi Ni (Salmonella paratyphi C) complicating relapsing fever rights, giving picture of sepsis (paratifobatsillez), superimposed on the main disease caused by a spirochaete Obermeyera. Thus, Salmonella can cause human typhoid disease, acute gastroenteritis and septicemia. Described microbes belong to the row, at one end of which is the main intestinal saprophyte of warm-blooded – E. coli, on the other – stick Ebert (the number-typhoid group). Bacteria paratifoznoy-znteriticheskoy groups occupy a middle position. Their biological properties have a remarkable inverse. E. coli (B. coli) has a large and multilateral capacity for digestion of carbohydrates. The more we away from the B. coli in the direction of the typhoid bacillus, the weaker is this capacity for digestion and the more pathogenic properties.

Together with the pathogenicity also increases the antigenic properties, ie, ability to induce the formation of protective body, which can prove the immunity reaction (agglutination). Microbes paratifoznoy-znteriticheskoy group on its morphological characteristics, the painted, on the growth in the core media are similar to the wand of typhoid fever (see above). They differ from each other by their relation to various sources of carbohydrates and nitrogen. Enzymatic features of their use in the seeding of microbes and determining the microbe belonging to a particular type. Salmonella paratyphi B in fed mice does not cause these diseases, a Salmonella typhi murium (B. Breslau) causes septic diseases with anatomical pattern similar to changes in the gut with typhoid fever rights. Agglutination method selected in a pure culture of a microbe sera obtained by immunization of animals, provides an opportunity finally to its recognition. Typhoid form, or typhoid paratyphoid fever, caused as generally sticks paratyphi B and S. paratyphi A. In some cases, the individual picture of the epidemic typhus may give the infection and other microbes (wand Gertner).

Modern Methods Of Treating Infertility

According to statistics, in Russia every fifth marriage – childless. The situation in Siberia is not much different from the nationwide: about 17% of couples can not have kids. However, in any case should not despair. The fact that this center doctors able to achieve high practical results in artificial insemination, the application of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Moreover, the effectiveness of the procedure here is 47% for the world figures of 30-35%. – Is ivf to become more accessible procedure for our women? – Let's start with the fact that this method has been developed by scientists specifically for women with mechanical infertility when conception prevent any violations tissues or organs. The doctors learned how to get the egg and combine it with sperm outside the woman's body (that is extracorporeally) in a special environment.

It was only after the embryo of a new life is received, it is returned to the organism future mother. Abroad, this procedure is fully funded by the state. Therefore, for example, in Finland or Germany, per million population is now under approximately 1200 ivf cycles per year, whereas in our country – only 40. And this despite the fact that we have after this procedure beremenneet almost every second woman (in the world – one in three). The fact that we buy the best equipment, the highest-quality environment in which the 'grown' embryos. In addition, we have very high demands on the staff – each doctor about two or three times a year increase their skills or research centers in Russia or abroad.


You can often hear the words: "Breastfeeding is natural – why women in this help?". Of course, some mothers are lucky. They have no difficulty feeding their babies. But many women from the beginning required help – especially with the first-born, and if they are young. Many women need help to continue breast-feeding, especially if they work outside the home, or if the baby cries a lot. If you ask women why they throw to breastfeed, or why they start early complementary feeding, we get different answers, for example: "I do not have enough milk" or "child refuses to take the breast." Nevertheless, although the women of this and do not know yourself main reasons for their difficulties is not the case. In fact, women have no shortage of milk. Filed under: Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl. They may be a lack of awareness that their milk is quite enough to the child.

Sometimes the child is applied to the chest in the wrong position, and he can not properly capture the areola and throws his chest. Reasons behind their difficulties, the following: 1. Lack of support from close relatives of women. 2. Lack of awareness of the principles successful breastfeeding by health professionals.

3. Pressures of modern urban life. 1. Lack of support from women in intimate relationships with women in childbirth. In the old days around a young mother always were experienced women who can help her. It could be her own mother or a woman taking her birth, that is, a man whom she knew and who could trust.

Happy Family, Better Health

With a happy and stable marriage, nothing compares, according to researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, but we do something with you and another bearded uncle knew about this earlier, remember that all happy families and each unhappy right suffers, but still, it turns out, sick in their own way. Last decade of his academic life, this group of scientists (consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and, of course, family doctors) dedicated study the influence of family life on the cardiovascular system of man. It turned out that people complain about the family turmoil, the walls of the heart over time, much thicker, leading to malfunction the body and increase blood pressure. And, conversely, have considered themselves happy in marriage and family, the thickness of the walls of the heart compared with the vexed familial less than 8%, which is the reason for their better being. These are the conclusions of experts have spent on this issue the lion's share of his time and efforts of health, which could be given loving family How not to recall the previously popular expression: "burning itself, to shine other! "


Many people have an increased need for food during stressful periods. Often such gluttony becomes a habit and part of the normal absorption of food during the most tumultuous feelings. The consequence of such excessive appetite in the absence of real hunger becomes emotional obesity. Even those who manage to distract themselves from eating, but irresistibly want to eat an emotional rise still threatens to ever break, therefore it is important to win a habit to associate stress with food. To resolve this problematic relationship is important to develop a conditioned reflex itself, learning to speak a "stop". Does not need to be accompanied by their actions that word, but put yourself in a memory a reminder – it is necessary. And remind yourself that's what should be – before you eat something think about and answer several questions: is it really you hungry? Whether you're in a state of fatigue, anger, loneliness, boredom or anxiety? If you are celebrating in their own lack of hunger and if you have any experience, then why bother to go into the fridge? Well, maybe for some medicine This "emergency brake" in the food you necessary, if often you practice this mode of stress nutrition. And it is important that you were able to identify the cause of overeating.

It is now important to begin monitoring what you decide to eat for any other reasons than hunger. For you can: A. Keep records of everything you eat for a day. The most "interesting" in this regard are sweet and flour products: it is their wish to eat out of boredom, sadness or anxiety. Thereafter, such records help you better navigate in their habits.

B. When you suddenly discover that is, you do not want, then try to quickly reorient themselves to other activities, for example, call a friend or relatives. Just make sure that at the same time you do not chew a bun. Even better would be if you will what some exercise, walk in the fresh air. B. Overcoming emotional obesity help and products from the number of useful and diet. Try to keep your eyes on the first come across it fruits and vegetables – then you can just bite them, which is much more useful. G. A great way to relieve nerve and muscle tension is a physical exercise. That exercise will help to distract from bad thoughts without the aid of high-calorie loads. Numerous studies show that sedentary life is not conducive to the development of depression. Therefore – move more and bad mood will not have to jam!